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With big ideas. Welcome to cheers to business. Michael preston thank you so much for coming on the show. Tell how we met. Hey thanks karen. We met at the road map growth class a couple of weeks ago. Where miller leading that. And you're one of the subject matter experts. Yeah i'm just allowed tina awesome. Well thank you thank you. Didn't richard head invited me on and there were two other. Cpa's one from carshield belly and then dinner sharon from advisor so i was in very top company now the cpa anymore. But i just have fun now. And i just don't care about rules i just don't so tell us about your business. I own four locations of franchise called one eight hundred radiator Started out in daphne. I bought that location about seven years ago and then the other locations over the last several years it is a wholesale autopart supplier. Okay so your card says one eight hundred radiator in a ac. Yep yeah it's you can tell by the name when that company was created it was originally created out of california in kind of a hub and spoke warehouse strategy and then about fifteen years ago. The decided to start selling franchises to get local ownership across the country. I love jazz candy now. Own wouldn't find franchise. We actually have two territories mobile and baldwin county for payroll bolt and people don't realize that two franchise didn't know that. Yeah and so this whole go. Local height the chains be. Be careful when you're hating because you don't know whether it's really corporate or if it's franchises because of its franchise i could be a local. That could be your neighbor. That owns that right exactly. And that's when was the taglines that we talk about. His were national company with local ownership. Two hundred twenty five locations across the country and in canada on four of them see. I didn't wanna reinvent the wheel. Garon knew that. Cpa's cannot make money doing payrolls just doesn't make sense because it's the billing structure right. People want to wrap theirselves around the business and not want to reinvent the wheel. And i think that's the smartest thing about franchises. It's all laid out for you. Yeah well i got into the franchise business we. We lived in memphis before we moved to a fair hope about seven years ago. Eight years ago we own a little business called three dog bakery based out of kansas city and a dog bakery. We bay birthday cakes in all fresh all natural foods in it was a fascinating little business and it taught me the value of franchises because i have no history in baking and neither did my wife but they taught us everything we needed to know. We had all the ingredients. We hit all of the recipes. And so we're good to go. So when i moved here i moved here to buy this business. But i was comfortable with the franchise model. So now you went from one franchise and kenny. Nap talked about this before you know. We're at a good place right now. So we're not looking for growth but you think about it. I've had a business with multiple locations before the struggles and tell us your three top challenges for all those listeners out there that own a business in hard enough as it is but then to open up. A second location yeah. I don't feel like that. I'm a control freak but i learned a much more of a control freak as a small business owner than i ever thought. I was before from the perspective that you've got to see in lead by being present a lot of times and in trust is a big issue and processes help solve both of those issues. I've lost in been hurt a lot by being in not having the right processes in place. But i'm a much better business person now as a result of those valuable lessons as a really good point because every time i've been burned i've learned something from it and i'm not a micromanager. Yeah i'm just not. I don't have time. I hire smart people. Expect you to do your job. Yep same here. I was in corporate world for twenty years with the medical company. Regional leadership been Sales leadership sales operations moved around quite a bit so a little comfortable with travel and comfortable with leading teams. That aren't directly in front of me. So i think that looking back that helped me be prepared to lead multiple locations right. Secondly when i got down here the first employees are hired. My wife actually found used to work at sam's and always joke at this. The best thing we've ever bought sam's is jessica and jessica is fantastic and jessica is a a rule follower a thorough honest Trustworthy person lover to death. That's how i define. Yeah yeah absolutely. And there's no way in the world. I could have gone to number two three or four locations. If it hadn't been for jessica and every time that we considered. It asked. Jessica i because i wanted to make sure she was okay with us expanding and doing these other things and she was always on board. And that's given me the freedom to be able to lead and not have to operate as much you know. We talk about people all the time that i

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