Xbox Series S Review



The first console to launch. On tuesday of this last week was the xbox series x and s so i should just. We'll just start in chronological order and i. I have lots of thoughts about the xbox series x. But i'm actually very curious andrea about the xbox series s because i saw on your instagram and twitter that you have one of those the smaller less expensive consoles. And you're really. I think from what i read. Taken by the form factor. If nothing else right. I love that little thing. So xbox was kind enough to send what could games and xbox series x so i purchased for myself an xbox series s because i knew that i was going to need one in our. What's could game studio. But i also wanted one in the living room where i'm going to play it most of the time and so like well. I don't really need four k because streaming and four k still just isn't really a thing that's available on twitch rip mixer they really were doing high resolution streaming the best out of anybody. I know that caffeine actually doesn't pretty good um high resolution streaming as well. But i was like what the xbox series s is going to work for me in the studio because i don't need really more than fourteen forty p and i love the form factor. It's so small. And i love that compared to the vsbn. Which is just a monster ons. Which i know we'll get to in just a little bit but the value proposition. That microsoft is bringing with xbox game pass. Xbox game pass ultimate in for those who are interested xbox game cloud x. cloud wherever they're going to finalize that name to be. I think that it's a really great opportunity for people to get in and obviously we saw the news that we're gonna talk about just the second year that microsoft announced its their biggest console launch ever and that is to do because of the xbox series s. I agree having that low price. Point was really smart. i mean obviously. We've seen nintendo reap the benefits of having a low price point for new hardware for generations. Now and it. It actually like the sony and microsoft finally got around to realizing. Oh yeah if we don't charge through the nose for these things people buy more of them But tell me a little bit about your experience using the the s are you noticing Does it feel like a generational upgrade from your xbox one. It's interesting that you bring that up because that was one of my critiques of the new consoles that they didn't feel like a gigantic leap forward from the xbox one x specifically now i know that most consumers are probably changing generations between their original xbox one or potentially they have the xbox one s. But there's probably not as many people. Doing what i did going from the one x to these series x and the series as the low times of course are definitely faster. But i think microsoft. I don't know how. I really feel about the fact that they did not change the i like. They launched this he on the old generation and they kept at the same. I know that there's a big portion of the games out there that are like thank goodness. I don't wanna have to relearn something. But i just i think it kind of takes a little bit of that shiny sparkly new console feel away from it and overall. I just didn't think that outside of the loading times that there was anything dramatically new. And i think a lot has to do with the fact that there wasn't a first party exclusive game like now they have launched with halo infinite in halo. Infinite was running at sixty frames per second fourteen forty p on the xbox series s different story.

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