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So in I've been working on a project. Oh, I WANNA make sure to go ahead and tell you guys that we're having plumbing work done. I think I've mentioned it. It's really expensive. Crazy expensive. and. They are doing something and I'm I'm trying to not think about what they're doing, but it involves some major digging and it's basically a pipe that is messed up under our house. We have a slab and we're in Texas and all that kind of stuff. So. which means that the Way The slab works is different. I don't know I. Don't know our ground. We can't have basements here. Does that make? Does it help at all in the understanding but like nobody has a basement I live 'cause they can't do basement in our kind of grown I. Think it's like rock or something I don't know. Any way they are doing things into basically for the last week and a half they've been digging and most the time. It's not that big of a deal and then every once in a while it's like this. Sound and so in case you hear any of that. It's not my stomach. It's the digging and thanks for listening to the podcast and supporting our sponsors so that we can pay for this plumbing. Whatever anyway. Here we go. We are talking about various questions. So I had asked the people in the Patriot on facebook group if you'd like to know more about being a patron of the show at the five dollar level you get to. Become a part of the super secret facebook group. But if you'd like to find out more about that, go to Patriotdepot dot com slash asleep comes clean. That's P. T. R. E. O. N. DOT COM slash quince clean and I always put that in the show notes as well a link to that but so I'd asked in their four questions because my brain is just a little bit like. Lately and so I needed some questions to answer for the PODCAST and I'm. Calling this episode you know the answer is the five minute pickup or something like that because that was the answer to at least four different questions within this thing. So I wanted to make sure that you know as I was answering all this different things, I, was putting him into a word doc. I'll do another podcast right answer some more questions but I thought you know there's like four different times in here where in my notes I've said we'll interested pick up. Well, the answer is a five minute pick up and I thought okay. Well, what what are some different questions where the answer is the five minute pickup all right. So here we go. Do. You have any tips for making sure you get completely unpacked from a trip in a timely manner. Are you curious how the answer to this question is GonNa be the five minute pickup So the real answer to this is by the way. Sometimes, when I asked for questions and people start giving me questions I started to feel like wait I feel like these questions make it seem like I, know all the answers to everything and I really don't this is mostly me just going from my experience and also having thought about these things and laid out different strategies in my home over the past eleven years and written about it like I feel like if i. Even, if I had lived for the eleven years working on my own house, getting it to the point where it is now, I wouldn't necessarily be able to answer these questions except for the fact that I've written about it, which means I have like laid out steps I have put together actual strategies and strategies into words, and that's the only reason. I feel like I can answer these questions but sometimes questions like this. Make me panic and go I'm not perfect I don't know everything in my house is not perfect but whatever here So the question was, do you have any tips for making sure making sure No there's no way to make sure of anything you can get complete or you get completely unpacked from a trip in a timely manner. So that the number one way that I manage this is having a designated place for my suitcases. Okay because. which I mean, there's probably people listening going how would you not have a designated place but the reality is sometimes suitcases are these weird things because you don't use them all that often you pull them out. And it's like, Oh, where should I the suitcases but when I I have a designated place, there's a in my bedroom I think I had talked about at different times on the blog. But when my mother in law passed away and we cleaned out her assisted living apartment, she had a little wardrobe that was really kind of her her pride and joy and really was so useful in her little apartment shit. Close, more than confident her closet and they were important to her so there was a little. I. Forget what kind of what it is, but she always called it. Bites what type of what it was, but might be I. Don't know anyway this little wardrobe and and she loved that thing like it was something that she and my father in law had purchased when they first got married in their first department and it really is it's pretty and and so when it came down to it. You know getting rid of stuff I was like Oh. This is one of those things I really hate to get rid of, but I? I made sure I had an actual spot and purpose for it in my home before I brought it home and so what we ended up doing was we have this little space. It's perfectly I measured it to make sure. In our bedroom that used to be, where are my husband's stereo system went which you know stereo systems are not really the thing anymore, which is Kinda. Funny. But like as far as big speakers and things like that but he did keep his turntable. Well, there was a little shelf at the top where we used to have our TV. Like our big boxy TV. There was a little shelf at the top, and it's kind of like this cutout section of the wall, and so it's kind of a weird place. Anyway, we'll the top shelf he put the turntable from hysteria system and that's all he kept. Their. And then our CDs are up there and then this would wardrobe thing fits right in there. Okay. Because I had had some stuff that was kind of putting in that spot anyway that looked a key but once we that wardrobe in there, then those things can go in there. So that's like my camera and lighting equipment for youtube videos and things

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