Why fewer in N.J. are dying of COVID-19 as the second wave continues


Jersey. Bracing now for whatever comes of a second wave of Corona virus Kyi W's Mike Doherty with a story virtual health is ready to take on the next phase of the Koven challenge. What we're seeing now is that is that the number of patients getting hospitalized with covert is increasing. Relatively rapidly. Doctor. Reg Glaber is VP and chief clinical officer at virtual and he says people aren't dying at nearly the same rate as earlier in the year. People were also dying at home earlier in the year because of heart attacks and strokes because they were afraid to come to the hospital, and he says that can't happen anymore. We truly have tried to set up In each of our five hospitals to hospitals within each hospital. Ah hospital that's for patients with Covitz at a hospital for patients that don't have code. Some new treatments have shown promise and a new FDA approved therapeutic is cause for optimism. He says. Pfizer's vaccine is great news, too, but it will be a while before that is readily available. It's not just one vaccine that we each have to take. We have to take two vaccines on day one and then day 21. For that reason, he says, people should avoid large into our gatherings for Thanksgiving in South

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