Interview With Yahia Lababidi

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Welcome everybody sparked by muse. And today i have a guest. Yahia la vida de. I hope i didn't mess that up too badly beautiful. Who is a writer. An egyptian who's come to america as a young adult eight critically acclaimed books of poetry and prose. he's an authorised an sas and most recently he sent me revolutions of the heart literary cultural and spiritual which is just a treasure trove of little gems. Some smaller pieces some slightly larger pieces and to begin speaking about it. It's hard to know where to choose at this banquet table where to pick but you so much for joining me for the podcast. Thank you for having me over here in new to and also. I want to make sure that we tell listeners about this book being the book for january. Twenty twenty one and meeting up with you in february on the third for a book club. Discussion and fighting. That'll be really fun. What's nice is that it's recorded so anytime someone wants to come back. And listen or it can be embedded on your webpage even or or any web page. Yeah it could be revisited and enjoyed over and over you define aphorisms as what is worth quoting from the souls dialogue with itself and you also say that you hope that might serve as a form of peace offering and bomb in these troubled times and for people who are not quite aware or quite. Have a handle on what aphorisms are. Perhaps you can just explain that a little bit and then speak about what that offers us today. Well it's it's basically it has currency without being recognized for what it is so anything when people have these quotes or inspirational sayings or even what they call it. A witty wise one liners. That's an aphorism if if it doesn't have a name attached to it and it's a maximum or proverb in the assuming some great sage cited then it's an another category of instruction but but enough for them. They're certainly more people who are aware of what they are. And who use them consciously now than when. I began writing them. Let's say thirty years ago at this point as a teenager. When i don't think anyone even knew what that meant but i grew up reading. People like braun. Nietzsche and blake and kafka and pascal who tended to write in offer 'isms and they basically i mean wild has some definitional skar wild about how he had some existing a phrase. I do not presume to some olives in a frozen any of my offers. But it's this. It's this idea of trying to encapsulate a great conversation. And that's why. I define it as a competition with the souls conversation with itself really so you go off. You're thinking about something dreaming meditating possibly weeks years even and then at some point. There's one line that you can extract from all that that can stand alone by itself that will be a key or a door or window or invitation for a complete stranger to have that conversation with themselves so a good aphorism doesn't in my understanding of it at least in everyone's got their own definition is just as suggestion or you to sort of the spark your own conversation With with your with your soul so to speak. And that's why. I really appreciate reading Books of aphorisms where there's few on the page and a lot of blank space because it's understood that they are in need of diluting the way you dilute. It is by bringing in everything you know. Suspect you know we're just breathing alongside it

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