New Firmware 2020.44, Musk Discusses Teslas Past (11.03.20)


Everybody round our here on relatively quiet. Newsday for tesla although the stock had a strong day. We're gonna be talking about new firmware. Twenty twenty forty four and then a little bit of news on pilot line. Four forty six eighty cell production. We will start off with the stock. Though tesla today finishing up five point eight percent to four hundred and twenty three dollars and ninety cents really taking back into the range that we've been in for the last couple of weeks despite that short dip down to the three hundred dollar level. Now back to you about four hundred. Twenty four is right in the mid point of where. Tessa closed on wednesday october. Twenty first before earnings and then thursday. October twenty seconds after earnings at five point eight percent gain today did outperformed the nasdaq which also had a strong day up one point nine percent and despite the larger increase for tesla the do graphs look relatively similar in terms of win. The gains came as for the reason for tussles over performance. Just answered whatever speculative reason you want all right. Let's talk about the new firmware. this is version. Twenty twenty dot forty four couple of new features in here. Don't get too excited though. It's not anything to do with expansion of the full south. Having beta this is a general update mainly dealing with autopilot speed settings as well as media control and it still in the very early stages of rolling out testify dot com hesitant about two percent of a fleet that they track so far so the first change here is autopilot set speed. And according to the release nounce quote you can now change the autopilot speed by justin controls. Autopilots that speed to one of the following options speed limit which set the cruise speed to the speed limit of the road. And we'll just either to the set speed offset that specified or to the current driving speed whichever is greater the speed offset can be configured to a fixed speed for all roads or to a percentage that will vary based on the speed limit of the wrote current speed will set the cruise to the current driving seat. And so. this is one of the things that i'll look forward to understanding better ones. I'm actually an owner. But my understanding is that the fixed speed and the percentage speed are the big differences here so for example. I believe currently you can set a fixed speed offset of. Let's say plus five mph from the speed limit. So if you're in a seventy five mile per hour zone it would move you up to eighty. If you're in a twenty five mile per hour zone it would move you up to thirty. So in the first case you're going over the speed limit by about seven percent and in the second case you're going over the speed limit by twenty percent so it sounds like now you could actually just change that and let's say at seven percent in both cases then you're going twenty seven instead of thirty miles per hour in that twenty five mile per hour zone as for the rest of the updates telescope dot com lists those out. I think the big one a lot of people will be excited about our improvements to spotify the release notes say quote spotify has been updated to make it easier to find and play content from your library which now also includes collaborative playlists and podcast and quote. So hopefully that helps out some of you that. Listen to tesla daily via spotify in your vehicle. They've also added gaps playback to spotify which will just remove that short little pause in between tracks. That's helpful for live albums or albums like pink. Floyd's dark side of the moon. They've also added a spotify home tab and improved the sinking capabilities with other devices. In general media search has been improved. It looks like that design is much cleaner now. And tesla has also added the capability to show and hide different media sources such as radio streaming spotify etc specifically for model s and model raven performance. Versions there have been some improvements made to launch mode and finally. Some flexibility has been added to voice command. You can now use a different setting for voice command than you have displayed on the touch screen. So those are the official updates and then diving. Into the more speculative ram will go back to green the only on twitter who digs into the firm or a little bit more always finding some things under the covers so on twitter. Today he said quote Twenty twenty forty four also shifts with the new firmware file for y. W eight nine three five nine which happens to be cypress automotive two eleven ac wi fi slash bluetooth solution currently shipping with broadcom bc. M forty three forty nine. Some additional bread comes pointing at an upcoming five g modem support connectivity sweet update soon and then continues on to say quote and additional bandwidth usage monitoring added and curious mothership option to ask ours to quote collect hotspot info and hotspot might really appear in foreseeable future and quote so to make sense of all that grena saying that. There are some references here that may indicate potential future inclusion for five g. support that is five g cell service not five gigahertz wifi and then he's also saying there's potentially capability there to include hot spotting so as far as five g goes. Obviously that was the big inclusion hardware wise on the iteration of iphone this year apple. They're using the marketing handle of five g. Got real so for tesla just because there may be some references here to something that facilitates that in the future doesn't mean that will actually happen but i'm sure green will be keeping an eye out for future references and once we start seeing some deliveries of the most recent on tests vehicles. Maybe we'll start to learn a little bit more on that as well. All right next today is just a quick story. On tesla's internal cell production there's a report from tesla mag dot de that a german engineering company. Sars engineering has been helping tussle out with some of their cell production equipments both for the pilot line in fremont as well as eventually the projects and gigafactory berlin and gigi texas. So obviously a few years ago we had the grown aquisition we just heard about the eighteen w acquisition. I dunno last month or so. Now we've got our said helping out. Tesla certainly loves their german engineering. I think the only other thing for today you on responded to a tweet from bloomberg's john. Erlich men who says quote on this day in two thousand eight tesla secures a forty million dollar loan to avoid bankruptcy. Today it is the most valuable automaker in the world and quote. Lana replied to that sharing a little bit more detail on that situation. Basically talking about how that final funding round came onto the last possible. Our and really the funding round was able to be completed because he launch showed the conviction by putting pretty much everything he possibly could into it which helped give the competence to those other investors. It's just pretty remarkable. How close tussle was to not being able to succeed. you know. we've seen similar story from space x and ula unshared in a series of other tweets more about that journey on the tesla side including the pain at during the model three ramp up and how close tussle was to bankruptcy at that point in time. We've talked about that. I think tussle would have been able to get more funds than if they needed to but did just want to point those tweets out if you happen to miss him and want a little bit more detail on that time period otherwise that is it for today as always thank you for listening. Don't forget to subscribe sign up for notifications make sure farming on twitter at tussle. Podcast elsie tomorrow for the wednesday november. fourth episode. Of tusla thank you.

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