What we still don't know about the vaccine announcement (but it's ok to be excited!)



Hello this is corona cost a daily podcast all about the coronavirus. I'm health reported. Teigen tyler an emphasis journalists dr norman swan. It's wednesday the eleventh of november. And we've had some really exciting coronavirus news in the last couple of days. Norman fiso the drug company has announced that their vaccine that producing maybe ninety percent effective in stopping the virus. Do we all just pack up corona costing go home now to. We don't need it anymore. No because has doesn't operate on press releases scientific papers that have been pure reviewed where we know what's going on you'd have to say pfizer's a bit out on. Its own here at least so far. Anyway they've announced this Interim analysis but it's not been peer reviewed and it's quite hard to work are exactly what's going on both fighters the one who hasn't actually joined the same platform of some of the other vaccine manufacturers. Who are out in trial. And they've got their data safety monitoring board which looked the analysis of this raw. The common one is what the monitoring board is being shared by. Some of the vaccine manufacturers. So it's not entirely transparent. There's also see you have to say also commercial element in this that they want to get a jump on it and the water here is that they're going to push for emergency use authorization before their presumably earlier than the other vaccines but the question is. Is it too early to know absolutely for sure that they're safe so they sort of questions to ask here are well. What does it mean. They've said nine more than ninety percent. Effective well you gotta read between the lines. Because it's not entirely clear from their release but it's been something like ninety four covid nineteen disease cases so this is not infections. Forty thousand people yep in the boats so this is these vaccines are not designed to pretend to fiction as we said many many times on corner cast they're designed to prevent covid nineteen disease which is fair enough because if you've protect against nineteen disease then all the sars cov to becomes is a bad cold. Let's assume that we talking about which is that has been ninety four cases thereabouts. I think that's what the announced and that they're more than ninety percent effective. It's should probably mean that something like eight or so of the cases of covid nineteen occurred in the placebo group and the remainder are six or seven or whatever it is six occurred in the vaccine group. But we didn't have those numbers. Stay away from visa. We don't have those numbers but you can assume then that from from that crudely of that ninety four percent ninety percent or more occurred in the placebo group and ten percent or fewer occurred in the vaccine group. That's what that means. And therefore is a significant gap between the two groups which is protection against covid nineteen disease. That's what i assume an endless things. No major safety issues. The ninety percent number A lot higher than what we've been talking about on corona causton in all of the full out around this announcement. I heard a lot of experts. Say that's amazing. That's a really big number much higher than we expected. So that's good news right. What's what's much higher than the regulators were willing to approve. Everybody was hoping it'd be much higher than fifty percent because fifty percents pretty disappointing and so this is really great news. If it's all right and you get superior review study of the data and goes on long enough to have a proper analysis and it's really good news for the other mini. Vaccines are just just to be clear. What this vaccine is and just a little bit of a revision on the vaccines the so the oxford vaccine and this vaccine and the moderna vaccine three scenes around the are the lead. They do the same thing in the end. Which is they put a genetic message into the cell to tell the cell to produce part of the spike protein of the corona virus and that goes into the bloodstream and the immune response the immune system reacts to that creating immunity. How the vaccine does it is uses a chimpanzee virus to take the genetic message into the sale and what bio and take the pfizer vaccine does and the moderna vaccine is. Is that parcells up amorini. Which is a parcel of genetic messaging and it goes straight into the salad self and tells the cell to produce the part of the spike protein. So this is a name are a vaccine and it's really good news because there's another mirani vaccine on the blocks which is the moderna vaccine which isn't too far behind the problem with these vaccines is that there are very low. Temperatures to transport around minus eighty of madeira. People say there's may not require that depth of temperature this makes it a very impractical vaccine for poor and middle income countries and also does make it a bit impractical even for countries like australia. Where you're going to have to coaching at minus eighty on the coaching standard frigid temperatures and the university of queensland vaccine for example will only require an a standard vaccine fridge province minus eighty. So they are vulnerable it. They do first mover advantage so that they can get out there because they know they're vulnerable to other vaccines. That might come along. Which don't require that cold chain infrastructure.

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