Sea Hunt - It's Still Alive - Synthetic Hero


It's time for another installment of seon. It's still alive and this time we're going back to season. Three episode twenty titled synthetic hero synthetic hero first aired on may twenty first nineteen sixty and we find might down in a caribbean harbor whereas working with a company. Dredging that harbor as mike is underwater scouting ahead of the dredge. He finds an uncharted wreck and discovers. That it's the navy. Ls number four to seven seven and s. t short for landing ship tank one of those ships that can push up onto the beach and offload equipment. I spent three years on t. Eleven ninety eight. The us bristol county in the late nineteen seventies. Well mike notifies the navy and meets with a captain sellers. Who tells mike that lsd four to seven seven went missing on september twelfth. Nineteen forty four. He also tells mike that eighteen crew members die. Two of the survivor's however jack clayton. Who was the captain and tom. Maury who clayton a hero saved might be interested in the finding captain. Sellers asked my to find out what happened before the dredging operators blow up the ship in the next scene mike walking down the pier carrying his doubles in one hand and the other equipment slung over his shoulder. One handed doubles. Wow there he meets the survivors. Jack clayton in tom. Worry along with jack's wife. Susan is it me or there are a lot of suzy's and susan's on john. Jack wants to dive with. Mike and tom will be on. Deck for support might convince the dredging operators to give him forty eight hours on the rack and try to find out what happened to l. s. t. four to seven as the scene shifts. We see jack getting into his gear. Mike i'm not so sure jack knows what he's doing. Jack says he's just a little rusty so the giants dryden and make their way to direct can split up. Mike little confused because jack doesn't seem to be all that incompetent in the water. Well they don't find anything and get back on the vote jackson's really agitated. They only have one more day to solve the mystery as the sun comes up the next day and they're back on the water. Mike is getting all geared up and ready to go. Clayton is fiddling around. Mike frustrated at the delay when suddenly clayton drops tanks over the side. And you see it's sinking to the bottom. Mike has no choice but to retrieve it and hoping that this is last delay and that the tank isn't a jinx on jack's back so now the two of them are back. Underwater jet goes to the bow area. And mike heads. Aft inside the engine room. And he finds a blast hole below the waterline as he exits the space with this newfound knowledge. Suddenly a nightmare of junk is falling on top of him. It could only have been shoved on top of him by one person jack. Clayton isn't a clumsy amateur. Mike frees himself and chases. After jack jack pulls knife and they get into a fight might prevails and takes jack back to the surface with a hammerlock back on the boat. We find out that. Jack wasn't trying to kill mike. Just trying to scare you. See jack confesses that it was all his fault that l. s. t. four to seven seven sank during the attack. It says he's he steered the ship into a reef where it sank and that the enemy didn't do it at all. Tom is very angry now. And they locked jack in the cabin while mike makes one more dive on the wreck. Mike is back in the engine room now and he finds something just then dynamite from dredge operators detonates and the ship starts to collapse on mike he stuck in his regulators damaged back topside jackass yelling to get out because might my need help. Tom refuses pleased. So jack breaks out of the cabin and gives tom a karate chop knocking him out. Jack johnson finds mike. They buddy breathe while he frees him from the wreck and you get back to the bill before they surface. Susan comes aboard. Gets weeks. Tom up just mike and jack return. Jack tells suzy the ship sinking was all his fault. Susan doesn't care. She understands just then. Mike produces his find a piece of metal from japanese shell. That shank sank the four to seven seven. Jack still a hero a synthetic hero. Well i guess. Hollywood took a lot of liberties here. Let's see an ls t. Operating independently in the caribbean by itself doing battle with either a japanese ship or submarine seems a little farfetched. But as we know from mike nelson. Nothing is improbable.

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