UK, EU resume face-to-face trade talks with time running out


The European Union and Britain resumed face to face talks today on a new trade agreement following Brexit. They have just over one month to come up with a deal and Teri Schultz reports. Neither side is expressed expressing optimism. You chief negotiator Michelle Barney is back in London after a week of self isolation due to a member of his team testing positive for the coronavirus. Both you and UK say they want a new arrangement governing trade and customs when the transition period following Britain's departure from the block ends December 31st. But talks remain snagged on issues regarding EU fishing rights in UK waters and what Brussels calls the level playing field, which primarily refers to Britain's obligations to it here to EU standards on goods it wants to export into the block. Any deal that negotiators make would still have to be ratified by Parliament's on both sides Without a deal. Tariffs and other barriers go up January 1st for NPR news. I'm Teri Schultz in Brussels. This is

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