Joe Biden suffers 'hairline fractures' in foot, doctor says

Woody & Wilcox


Biden was trending because he tripped over his dog and apparently has a broken foot. That wasn't something that we expected to happen. And when i say trip over his dog i don't know they'll be some sort of Some sort of study A group will be put together to determine whether it was an accident or is that dog working for somebody saying terrorists have now taken over the dogs and you knew this from the start. Didn't you cool baynes. This is why you're afraid of all animals just before we get hate emails. He was playing with his dog and slipped and broke. Like has a hairline fracture. Why would we get hate emails as you said. He tripped over his dog. What are you putting him to take the other side. He didn't trip over the dog. He was playing with the dog slipping. I mean semantics. Everybody's tried to tribute get whenever you bring up. Politics will come. But i'm just saying. I don't know that that's a. I don't notice the difference in what you're saying there but by the way why do we know about it. Well you know we know about it because he apparently had to go to the doctor. Get an x ray and it shows a hairline fracture so this is what we were all concerned about right. The man is going to be eventually the oldest president. Just what we thought we feed. Dogs are big. He's just can't using dogs to mean feet using dogs to me. dogs adopted. Dogs are pre large yards animals but his feeder does not up for the task saying oh they've said about biden for years tiny week feed for. I don't know that they've been saying that for years. Actually miss that so maybe a little bit later on. We'll get into the injuries that your dog caused you. Because that'll be fun. It'll make you feel very presidential. Thank at the same

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