Vaccines Are Coming, but Pandemic Experts Expect a 'Horrible' Winter


With the race to develop and distribute a safe and effective Corona virus vaccine well underway. Advisers to the Centers for Disease Control is said to me today deciding who will get the vaccine first. Here's NBC's George Stephanopoulos joined now by Dr Tom Frieden, the former CDC director who is now president and CEO of Resolve to save lives. Dr. Frieden, thank you for joining us. Take us inside this prioritization process deciding who's going to get the vaccine. And when you've got about 20 million doses, But you have 87 million essential workers. 53 million over the age of 65 millions more with chronic conditions. How do you decide? Fundamentally, You wanna look at three things, George, One is how much good you going to do? How many lives you're gonna save second is what's fair. What's the fair way to do it? And the third is How can we do this openly? Transparently so that there's no back room deals. It's clear what's happening and the A C. I P. That committee That's meeting today is the right group to do that. They are the top experts in the country on vaccines, and they consider all those factors in terms of maximum benefit. You want to really focus on nursing homes? Because that's where 40% of the deaths have been in terms of fairness. You want to make sure that doctors get it because the nurses and all health care workers, not just The people who you may see stories about people cleaning the floors that people checking people in the people who are exposed and heart at risk, not just of getting it, but of spreading it. So those three principles are what guide and this kind of public discussion and decision is really healthy way that have this prioritization done. You're right. Transparency is important. Of course, the vaccine still needs to be approved. We're hoping for it to happen within days. Can anything slow that down? We do expect approval to come pretty soon, but I would also expect there to be bumps in the road in the vaccination program. When you vaccinate millions of people. Some people get really sick after the vaccination, and you don't know whether that was the vaccine, or that was just coincidence. So that has to be studied carefully or you're going to get all sorts of wild rumors flying around. That's another place where you really need transparency. This is how many cases of severe adverse effects we may have, or may expect. Is it higher? Is it related there? Maybe production problems. There may be rumors. There may be people who don't want to take it even if you do have the vaccine, So this is probably George the single most complicated vaccination program. In American history, even though it's happened, so expect that they're going to be some bumps in the road. No question about that. As we wait for the vaccine. It certainly appears that all signs are too are pointing toward a dark winter before relief in the spring. Even though the vaccine news is very encouraging. It's not here yet, and therefore we have to double down on safety protocols or we're going to see the worst season we've had for covert. We've already as you show reaching 100,000 hospitalizations in the next week or so we'll hit 2000 deaths per day on average in the next few weeks, Sadly, We can all do more and more we recognize we're in it together. The safer will be the more we can continue our kids in school. Our healthcare has to continue to save people's lives. But that means dialing back on things like indoor gatherings. Bars and restaurants and making sure we all mask off along with ABC is George Stephanopoulos says former Centers for Disease Control director Dr Tom

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