Melania Trump unveils White House Christmas decorations


Beginning to look a lot like christmas inside the white house just one week after welcoming a massive eighteen plus foot frazier for the white house. First lady melania trump has shared footage of the festive decorations that are adorning the halls of sixteen hundred pennsylvania avenue monday morning trump shared a peek. At this year's christmas he touches which feature more traditional decorations than in years past plenty of trees. Green trees decorated with bulbs. Remember last year. She was ostracized because of red trees. Anyway they have stars and video shared by trump also appearing to show a mini white house decked out for the holiday as well as a train set which was dubbed the white house express. It was chugging along side. The boughs of holly. This year's theme was called america. The beautiful and it was aimed at paying tribute to the majesty of our great nation trump wrote on twitter together. We celebrate this land. We are all proud to call home.

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