As Weed Becomes Legal, THC and CBD Find Their Way into Ice Cream


To the home. Stretch of twenty twenty everyone. The dust is settled on this year's election. And it's clear that this year's winner is we'd montana. Arizona south dakota and new jersey all approved ballot measures related to legalizing recreational pot bringing the total number of states. Where you can smoke. Eat or otherwise ingest cannabis just for fun to fifteen plus the district of columbia and wherever. There's a new market opportunity. There's an eager entrepreneur ready to light it up inner mellow ice cream. A start up ice cream brand attempting to be the first. Thc and cbd infused ice cream sold in california mallows. Ice cream will be infused with cannabis. Dial or cbd cbd and thc. Both natural compounds found in cannabis but thc is the one that makes you feel high. Cbd has been legal since the farm. Bill was signed into law two years ago. The stipulation is that it must be derived from hemp and contain no more than point three percent. Thc mellow went all in and put both compounds in its ice cream just a year old. The to entrepreneurs who founded the company will even do offs around los angeles in a tesla fitted with a freezer in the trunk. And if you're feeling less fancy the company also delivers pre rolled joints mellow currently offers just three flavors mint chocolate chip himalayan sea salt and caramel. And he shouldn't vanilla peanut buttercup. But it's planning more ice cream flavors and perhaps even a mellow ice cream truck in the future but only in select states

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