S2 E04: Beyond innovation

State of Mind


I love dj the corner of the room. Nobody cared. I was there and i was controlling the dance floor. And you're only controlling the dance floor. People dancing so the balance is like giving people just enough. That gets them that they're kind of familiar with get their trust and then take them as far away from that as possible and notice when they maybe a bit wavering and then bring them back but at the basic thing is like can only be super exciting. If i'm excited. And if i'm not doing what i want to do then then i'm not sure myself in that position to take control of my experience. Deliver it to you. So i think that idea exactly of what is is how. I've kind of treated my life ritchie. Houghton who turned fifty. This year isn't electronic musician and dj with only been on the forefront of techno since the late eighties but has also created some of the most innovative and immersive flashbacks in the world. What makes richie different from. Other deejays is that for the past two decades. He's only been controlling the music but also every little detail of his show from visuals to lights and effects in real time.

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