A highlight from Did you just double-dip that chip? Spotifys little secret. Davids Bridals dress pivot. Cheesecake Factorys fib.

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This is nick. This jack and this is snacks daily. It is tuesday. Tibo tuesday december eighth. Let's get into this neck because it's the best one yet jack this strategy. Tbo why what are we for the first story by the way the first officially charged pandemic liar jack and have one serving of the cheesecake factory. Please said please. Whereas second-story spotify stock up twenty percent in the past week. Jack spotify is up twenty spots in the last week. We get excited when the numbers of the same level of correlation. Maybe some clarification. Let's go to the third story jack. David's bridal just emerged from bankruptcy protection in january. Jack weddings have totally changed but weddings also have totally not changed. So glad we squeeze are waiting there last summer. Stuck that guy in there now before we jump into that honestly a wonderful mix stay jack. Happy teaboy tuesday. We know what you're thinking knackers. It's december eighth and you haven't bought a single christmas gift yet for anybody us. Jackie spent fourteen hours. Scrolling on cyber. Monday ended up buying a sweatshirt and a full year supply of deodorant. Fuddy sweatshirts the only thing. I bought also outside monday for myself. Ursa major you're welcome but are reminders. Knackers snuggles are now a socially acceptable work tire. Treat yourself well jack. I noticed something interesting going on right now before. The holidays amazon just unveiled their top. Six top selling products of the holidays already. And because it's list season we're giving you a nonetheless. We want to make this clear number. One top purchase item on amazon already. The echo dot lame hopley move pushing their own product number two. Jack got the barack obama memoir now. This is actually his third memoir. But it's part one of his third memoir. It sounds like a lot basically. This is a seventh harry potter situation. It feels like it was so much they had to break it into two jack third most popular item right now being the revlon volume. Izing hot airbrush. That sounds like a weapon and it also sounds like a gift. You're only gifting yourself. Let's be honest. did you get it wrapped. You can get wrapped for yourself. I think that's a thing. Fourth most popular purchased holiday item on amazon number. Four love this. The light bright throwback to the mid nineties this touch screen before the touchscreen nineteen ninety-four great year and number. Five kind of boring amazon smart plug. Okay okay okay. Is that the one with like three outlets. Plus two usb. Jack doesn't even matter. It's a monopoly new thing number. Six twenty three and me dna test kits because the most exciting part of the holidays is finding out your between zero seven percent russian jewish yep full disclosure year for both of us. Technically snacker is happy. Tibo tuesday but jack. And i have a curious question for you. What's going to be seventh. Most popular amazon product right now shake way perhaps to work that christmas beast overdue for a comeback. Let's three stories. Daily snack foods candy. They don't reflect the views her family informational. Just so get. Quick commending any security snow. It's not a research report or fence-mending. Advice offer uproar sale of a security digestible business. News video financial. Llc member sipc for our first story spotify stock just twenty percent of the last week for no obviously clear financial reasons. We think it's the old podcasting double-dip jackets like putting your whole mouth. Right on the chip. You dip the chip once and be done with that as the thing snacker spotify didn't announce anything major over the past month. But you did. Yes hashtag twenty twenty wrapped. It's when you can share with all your buddies what you listen to on spotify for the past twelve months basically jack found out. He's the fifth month or son. And i'm like a stage five clinger stalker of this podcast. Nick the first step is admitting that you have a problem by the way smackers. Who did a spotify wrapped and snacks. Daily was their number one podcast. That was like a life moment for jack. Ninety there were a lot of you. Incredible is very cool. My favorite's the one who said they had no snacks. Portion control jack. There was some status. Who listened to eleven episodes honestly. It was like the most incredible feeling. All we see that. But it's knackers. You're seeing a lot of buzz about wrapped. It's a total fomo experience. In fact there is so much buzz around spotify wrapped. There are plenty of articles out there. Ridden on how you can see your spotify wrapped twenty twenty. It's that big a deal. We don't have the numbers yet. For how successful. This marketing campaign was but last year's got sixty million spotify users to participate. That's a lot also kind of a fun fact jack. I noticed when we dove and snack style. An intern over at spotify is who came up with the whole spotify rap concept so snacker knacker interns out there when you're setting. You're like summer internship. Goals this person boosted market cap by like ten billion dollars. You wanna have. That is a nice little personal care. So the big question. Jack and i ask louie noticed what happens. Spotify stock is did viral marketing. Like rap did that boost spotify stock twenty percent last week or was it. Something else yes. Was it specifies. Gated podcast garden. Could it be the gated garden now to understand the gate a guard and you got to think about the largest podcast on planet. Earth right now. Joe rogan's experience. He has tens of millions of listeners. Any finally went exclusive last week with spotify but the keys that it was last week because today. You can't get your rogan on apple podcasts. And you can't get your roken on youtube by paid. One hundred million dollars to make him exclusive on spotify jackson looking this situation. We got a little more info. We don't think that's the reason though. Because the joe rogan exclusivity wasn't new news. We've known about it since may when the announcement was made. Yeah so we don't think it was spotify rat. Don't think it was the joe rogan deal. We're still not sure why the stocks up twenty percent our calendars had been circled about this exclusivity for months now. Spotify hasn't announced the success of the first week of joe rogan. But we think we can already tell you from publicly available information that it was because because snacker spotify's goal was to get all of joe rogan's joe rogan fans to come to their gated garden of spotify by downloading the spotify app. It you can only come to spotify. You need to download either the free or premium version. We don't care. But you can't hang out with joe rogan anywhere. So here's what may keep you up at night. We can't really evaluate how successful joe rogan exclusivity was until spotify announces quarter earnings in february twenty. Twenty one factcheck. Yes i think we can. I think we can right now. Without spotify's official earnings reports she acts. Let's go back to last week. december. I what happened. Joe rogan fans did what they do. every day. they opened up apple podcast or youtube and were furious to see that. The joe rogan experience was no longer. They're gone cannon apple. Now on the bright side our podcast definitely moved up one position. The rankings since your organs got no rounding error there. We're going to take that by the way. Thank you joe. And then on december second jack one day later what happened with your rocus. Spotify's app hits number five on the app store up from number twenty four the day before jack second. What happens one day later. On december third the joe rogan experience becomes the number one podcast on spotify. Joe rogan lease apple the next day spotify operating surges. And then the next day. Joe rogan's podcast is number one on the spotify app wall. Street didn't need nate silver to confirm that the joe rogan deal seems to be a success for spotify jack. What's the takeaway for our buddy. George costanza and our friends over at spotify with podcasts. Spotify gets to double dip gets ted double dip. Have you tried podcast. Try ten episodes about murders of two pac notorious. B

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