Philadelphia Eagles Head Coach Doug Pederson Speaks To Media Day After Loss To Green Bay Packers

First Things First


Part. We're gonna head to green bay now little eagles in packers and this played out. According to script is right eagles struggled behind carson wentz. Packers thrive behind aaron rodgers. I worked out in eight. A bunch of healthy snacks status quo all around from everyone. Does peterson finally put in. Jalen hurts in the third and he tossed his first career touchdown. Pass any brought philly back but it wasn't enough. Green bay packers still one. Here's eagles head. Coach peterson on his quarterback situation. It doug is going to start at quarterback for you against the saints. You know You know you guys are listening you gotta get. Let me get through this game you You just heard me say we needed. We needed a spark in this game. Two to try to get some things going. You know there's I've got to get through injuries. I gotta get through the tape. But there's a lot of a lot of things that i'm gonna. I'm going to consider And evaluate before You know before anything decided but you know look opportunity arose and and You know like we just. We just needed that opportunity to get us back in a football game today And we came up short.

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