Christmas Do's, Bonuses and F-Bombs with Dr. Gia Wiggins

Cheers To Business


You have to sometimes win. There's a disruption in the market and they're always disruptions in the marco actions correct and. You have to make a decision. You're either gonna pay attention to it or not. You know i liken it to you know. Let's say for example a bakery. That doesn't you know have gluten free options if you're a bakery that decides not to have one gluten free option. You're literally putting your hands. Your eyes and your blindfold in yourself to the changes in the market understanding that if you focus on that one thing and to publicize it you're going to increase business exponentially. Everybody's like a for gluten free or sugar free or kito desserts and so by taking a look at what the market is doing and making a decision that you're going to run your business a little bit differently. Our offer something net previously. Nobody cared about but now everybody cares about it. I mean you could really changed the path and the longevity of your business if your business does not evolve and change it will die and it should it should nobody wanted anymore is changed to change with it and that is so hard because i think people talk the talk but don't walk the walk the need to do this. I need to do that and then don't do it. Yeah it's out of your comfort zone you know. Life's about choices. Did somebody do this to us. Well it doesn't really matter. It happened so do something. You got to choose what you want to do. That's exactly what's happened. So i'm i'm excited for those businesses. That have discovered you know a new way of doing things and they are doing fun stuff that they've never done before and you can see the spark i shared with you before. I'm a part of a businessman mentor group and a mentor. Couple of companies and even long established companies. That are doing something new and fresh. I mean the spark in their eye. I'm like a bit. That was the spark. When you first open a business. I mean and to cheer and to listen to you. Know them you know sharing things and need to have fee. But it is so exciting. I mean it just energizes me. So that's what. I've been surrounded myself with this year. Yeah it's different because now we're looking for joy for the first time in my whole entire life. I had the tree up. The mantel decorated thanksgiving. My husband said what is wrong with. You gotta be christmas. I said i need joy right. Katie and the kids. Walk into your trays up. I said i need joy. Just let me have joy. And i think that's one of the dues as look for the positive around you because it's not all negative. No not i think in the spirit of gratitude. Sometimes when you're surrounding yourself. And i mean ev. Every listener the tuning in today they know of somebody or situations where every single time they talked to. Somebody it is. The sky is falling. Yes you know and so. I challenged you listeners. To reach out to that person and when they are you know always gloom-and-doom to say. Okay but what. Can you be grateful for this year. What are some good things that happen. Rediscovering your family rediscovering your kids reaching out checking on people that you haven't talked to in years How did you form nurture relationships differently than you have. Before i normally see you way more like we're as close as we've ever been and i and i don't see you nearly as much as i used to exactly. We've had better phone conversation absolutely absolutely because there's not so much going on around us that we can actually concentrate on each other and what each other is saying. I think that's a little different to know about. The sky is falling montvale twice yesterday. And i just got sad. So i was with my sister social distancing and said we called the ants. Okay to and uncle that mom's side that we always get together. We played fun games. We get together every single year and we asked them if they were comfortable and they said no we do we understand. It's about them their older than us. We respect them and she said i just haven't had the heart to pick up the phone and tell you because her not of manage it every year and i get real bossy and so was it last year year before they say can when we gonna play dirty saying i said no. You'll call me bossy. I said see. See if i didn't tell you when to play dirty saying we'd be sitting here for three years waiting to play organizing you of aggressively but anyway so she said i'm in really good shape but i just don't want to end up on a ventilator if it goes bad and so we have to respect that the're and said we're going to do something in the spring and do things a little different so that was that was like i understand but it's still kind of low sad right all right so then i was watching.

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