Trump addresses nation on Thanksgiving announcing his plans to go to Georgia to help campaign for runoff elections


As president, I want to personally express my profound thanks to each and everyone. Of you for your devoted service to our nation. Our nation is doing very well. The president also said he'll go to Georgia a week from tomorrow for the two Republican senators to campaign for them in January runoff elections. David Perdue being challenged by Democrat Jon Ossoff's Raphael Warnock, trying to unseat GOP Senator Really Leffler. We've already seen a stream of high profile politicians coming to Georgia campaign for each of those four kids. They're set for the runoff race on January 5th because these two races could actually determine control of the Senate. We've seen Also more than $270 million spent already on TV ads. Most of those ads sharply negative attack ads. One man on the receiving end of a lot of those answers the Democrat Raphael Warnock. He's been accused of being too radical for Georgia and anti American. That's Fox's Steve Harrigan in

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