Bearing Fruit During Hard Times


God is not called us to be busy. You can't find one scripture that says just be as busy as you can't I applaud busy us be busy but there's all kinds of scriptures that tell us that we are to bear good fruit for God and to be honest I think dizziness is one of the biggest problems that we have. Today and the world is not GonNa Change. and. If it does, it's like that they just get worse. So. We're the ones that have to do the changing. We have to take control of our schedules and our lives and learn how to put our time into what our purpose is. A man. You all have a purpose here. And? It is to bear good fruit for God I mentioned yesterday that when I was flying in I was just looking out the window as we were preparing to land, and this is not any great brand new news but it just I had such a strong reminder that so often. We get this thinking that God is here to serve us and to to help us to solve our problems and to meet our needs and but actually it should be the other way around. You know. We should understand that we're here to serve. God, we are kids representatives in the earth. The Bible says, can you get a hold of that today? You are a personal representative of God. You are representing God to all the people out there that don't know him. You are an ambassador. For, Christ and so what God wants us to do is not be busy but bear good fruit. And make sure that we are putting our time. Into what our purpose is and we're talking about bearing good fruit and really just a couple of different areas. So as to not bring in so much to get confused first of all as believers, it's very important that we work with the Holy Spirit and learn how to let the fruit of the spirit flow through which Lov. Joy. Peace patience kindness gentleness humility self control, and all those other beautiful things that we have a tendency to have problems with. The second way that we want to bear good fruit is by doing as much as we possibly can for other people even people that would be on your enemy list. It is especially powerful. Now, listen it is especially powerful when you do something good for somebody who has treated you bad. You're not so sure about that. Are you? I'm GonNa talk to this side of the room and safe there more spiritual than you. Can. You just imagine for a moment? How mad it makes the devil? When somebody has hurt you and treated you wrong and then you hear that they've got a problem. And you reach out. To help them. In some way. I use this example a lot, but it's a good one. Suppose you've got somebody at work that just has really MS treated you. They've talked about you don't talk to you. They make fun of you because you're a Christian and they do everything they can to undermine you, and so you find out that their car motor went out of their car and it's going to be in the shop for a long time. Let's just say that God would put it on your heart to offer to. Pick. them up every morning and take them home. And it's like way out of your way, you're going to have to leave early to do it and get home late. Well see we would just blow that off. That can't be God. That can't be God. Well, let me tell you. That is exactly the kind of stuff that God polls. And it is exactly the kind of stuff. He wants US doing. Because, the Bible says that we're to be good to our enemies to show that we are children of our father in heaven. There's a scripture that says. You're not doing anything especially, you're just good to people that are good to you. But. If you're good the people that have not treated you, right. They don't know what to do with that. Now, this Christianity that you've got David making fun of their seeing the real fruit of and it starts to kind of change their mind a little

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