More Halloween Wines 2020


It's now, it's me Dave from a cheap wine off the scary music playing which means is another Halloween wines episode. And today we've got I mean look at it. It's Freakshow Lodi Chardonnay. 2818. Yeah, it's a freak Show Off is actually not all that scary the scary but the freak Show is more reference to a long time probably novel side shows and on the front. There's the mermaid lady the fish lady and it's kind of scary in the Ray Bradbury Something Wicked This Way Comes kind of way, which I'm done with. They're trying to get in. But you know. It looks good. And it tastes great. And the best thing about this one thing I find our for $14 is from Michael and David their their fifth generation. I think the 6th generation still working at the winery grape Growers and Lodi the family has been farming there for over a hundred and fifty years, which is kind of off but I'm talking here which is kind of common in Lodi. There's a lot of the big names there have been there for Generations, which is one of the things I like about it were so many Palm wine brands in California are fo wine Brands mean no Winery. No Vineyard safe, they buy the grapes and they rent the space make good wine, but low tides that I'm not doing an old-school. This is a really good Chardonnay. It's half barrel fermented and 1/2 stainless steel fermented, but they used all new o'farrell's off. I don't know what he said, but I'm afraid now and 80% new French barrels and 20% new American Oak barrels that's expensive. This is a line. I found off $14 and that's an upscale a little detail that really makes this wine because it's got really premium. It's Gotta Stay prudent Michael and David they have different lipsticks sense cerrad a couple of other brands there. They do a good job along with Freak Show also has as in a Cabernet seven young at a red blend which are like those are three of the best things you can get out of load at. And you know, it's a really great place for value-priced. Why isn't this Chardonnay? Leave me alone. You're trying to scare me, but it won't work. It's a really great place though the San Pablo Bay, which is the northern part of San Francisco Bay goes far enough Inland, even though it's The Vineyards are like from 7,200 miles away from the ocean. The bay is up there and there's all these river valleys that go flowing through there. It's lower areas cold air gets funneled in there and they can have wine even though nothing around them is the old able to grow grapes. Napa Valley is north of them and West and they're in the mountains and that changes everything to load. I'm not have the mountains or they're they have valleys. This is a really tasty chardonnays and the oak program with all that new Oak and and the fermentation and Oak really comes through cuz there's some really delicious page here. And it's it's nothing is over-the-top. Everything has kind of bounced out and it's like there's some salty and loose things. There's there's some buttery phone numbers. There's some creamy flavors are some ripe fruit flavors. There's just a lot of flavor here. So if it's not the scariest Halloween one, I could come up with no skulls or you know, anything like that. It does taste really good. Can you hear that too, or is it just me? So anyway? I keep on taking ships cuz it's that good. It's a delicious why it's got its because of all that Oak and the way they made it they you know, even though it's a 2018. It's it's it's still a kind of a young one that's got a good and engages your pal in a really nice way. So that's it for me. I found a freakshow chardonnay from I have the zombies invading my headphones and They're good. So I'm the next one. Keep it cheap, but there's more Halloween's lines come in and adios, and bye-bye.

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