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Morning everyone are you ready for some day leave? Just out today. So Morgan and I are joined again by Kisha Knight Polio. Actress a mother and you probably know her from house of pain and the cosby show. Thank you for joining us again and we are. Coordinated, in our Maulvi Pinky we are. Show and here we go. All right. Have you guys been missing Jennifer Lawrence because I definitely have we haven't seen her much recently, but she is back. She hasn't changed a bit. She still holds nothing back. In fact, she's talking about that infamous fall at the Oscars and why is set off of nasty little battle between her and Anderson Cooper listen to what Jennifer said on Heather McMahon's absolutely not podcast. I'm sorry but interesting Coober I saw him on. CNN. Lee. Three days later saying like what she'd obviously the ball and it was so devastated this horrific humiliation to me that like took away like I don't know ever have a chance to give a speech that again I saw him at a Christmas party and I let him know my friend told me that they was. But he apologized and I think I think we're good friends now. Do you think I wanted to fall getting Oscar but I remember when I led with was have you ever tried to walk upstairs in a ball gown? Right. So then how do you know like I with that? He apologized. Oh my gosh. Okay. I gotta go straight. Ahead some pesky reporters. To write stories sometimes, it's so weird. I haven't been in therapy about it for years now anyway, what was the question? is you see this particular person which I know loves you so much Is and you got to run into him or her at a party. What would you WanNa do would you talk to her? Would you say something? Oh my God I feel like I've envisioned this interaction first of all shot to Heather McMahon because I love her she is hilarious hilarious. I am obsessed with her so I'm happy for her that she got J. Lo on her podcast I feel like. Jay Jay said Jay Lop. I said. On kidding. I wouldn't mess up but. I will say I've had visions of maybe approaching certain people that write things and I think it really depends on the alcohol consumption. Cooper I right. I would go to Anderson Cooper because he's a respectable journalist, he made a nasty remark. You know you're getting an apology out of him but some of these other bitches are a little nuts. So I don't know I don't WanNa fuel anymore fire. So it depends it depends one hundred percent i. think that's a very good point you have to know who you're dealing with because if it's somebody who really doesn't like you and you get that five, a day could very easily turn the story around and write a whole other article saying crazy Morgan or crazy. Kisha. Came up in screen that man apart. But the other thing they if they're already writing crazy thing, they can write it regardless you scream are not. So. That's also true. I would say you've got to follow your gut and I completely agree with more again it depends on how many drinks of the consumed evening, how you're going to approach because you know sometimes yeah. You know there's certain like the GENITA- Crown, it may go let. Me Go left. It also depends on who's with you right. If my husband was with me see, my husband gets much more fired up than I do and I know you might find that surprising but he would be the one that would literally do me to say something I think you should say something you should call that did out and. I'm usually the one that's like, no, no, no. No let's just let it calm down. But if I'm getting like talked up into it, then I might yeah, pay south. Yeah versus if I have someone that's like, it's not worth the babe just to let's just go over here I'll be like. All right. You GotTa have your backup backup. Yeah. You got to have the right height man. If you're wanting to do it, it's got to be someone that's GonNa go up with you and have your back no matter what comes out of your mouth but. It's also good in these situations with somebody who's not necessarily your friend to be as composed as possible but I think when you're so heated already. Interaction, never goes as well as you want it to. and. All. Thank you. Scream at them. Yeah. I'm GonNa, say real quick. I think also even better way to handle this have a good woman someone who could do your dirty work for you. So you don't have to be the one that goes says us that this Lella you can have them do it and then your hands clean. One hundred percent yeah you need the right best e with you I like that okay. Moving out of channing tatum. So sad news I think channing Tatum Jessie j broke up again Jesse just posted this video drinking and dancing with the caption single live in a pandemic. That's how you get there strap. We talk about that. A source tells US Jesse and channing broke up months ago because they realize they're just better off as friends now they've brought up and gone back together multiple times at what point. Do you say this is finally do you think this is finally for these two I? I'm. Not Down here, you know I mean. Go ahead. No, you I mean I just think listen like you know it's supposed to be sort of like a new relationship is supposed to be fun. It's supposed to be easy and it might not last forever. But if it's supposed to be the fun easy relationship and you've already broken up four times in between that time, it just seems like clearly there's something here that is not connecting you to something is not working out. So just like leave it alone there's no reason for these to attack broken up three times like. In my yeah. At this point in life, you know my motto is. You know it's like spoiled milk. You don't put it back in the refrigerator. and. Come back and think it's going to be something other and foiled. On because clearly, it was gonNA work by now. Exactly Keach. Have you ever gone through this where you broke out was somebody got back together the whole thing I think that's something that probably when you're younger and you Kinda keep getting things to try and when you fall in love with the ones possibility I think as you get older and you've done it and you've learned that lesson, you realize you know okay you know what? This isn't working for me. It is. Okay. We don't have to make our. Yeah. I luckily, you said Fall in love with their possibility men is that true? Amir Young? You're falling in love half the time with just what you think. They're GONNA be your. Number set and then you realize that potential here and I. Think also when you're younger, you're more willing to be in a relationship that might not be perfect because you don't skip factor in time as much. But I think as you get older, you're like I don't have the time to waste on something that's really too difficult. You don't have the energy either

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