Ryan Berman Is Patiently Relentless


This is Anthony Grupo and you're going to love this episode. Welcome to the roots of leadership. I'm here in London and my guest Ryan Berman is sitting in San Diego Ryan. Welcome to the show. Hey, how's it going man? Fantastic? Well, you know really honored that you came on the show today Ryan. I just really have a lot of respect for what you've achieved my friend, you know founder of courageous keynote speaker authors return on courage and fellow podcast host. Yeah, he got it. So with with your background the podcast could last five days, but we'll try to keep it in a normal try to talk about normal. What is the longest episode? Can we break the record today? I think we can let's give it a ride. Okay. So Ryan, you know, I I as Becky lamanna our producer and I were walking about you you've done so many things. How what's taking up most of your time now? Because your man who's who's done a great deal? It's such a good question. And and I don't see it that way by the way, like I feel like I'm just doing what I'm supposed to be doing. So I don't really feel like I've done so many things. I mean, I think I'm doing exactly the thing I should be doing right now. And you know, I to be honest like with with everything that's happening with this pandemic if there was like a pie chart of my time I'd say a third of my time right now is really on the leadership side. Like you could have the right road map but the wrong mindset and good luck on achieving that roadmap. So I'm helping leaders kind of get clear on what's important and you know, I always like to say it's not just about knowing your why but what's the rally cry in the why so putting that rally cry in the Y where people want to work for you? So a third of my time is real on the courageous leadership side and say a third of my time is probably on the Consulting side. So courageous is a bit of a business Special Forces, we're dead. We're building custom versatile Elite teams that are swooping in and out for wherever you need to read. You got that, right? That's a read. So if we need to like re galvanized people or rethink an idea m e like, you know reevaluate or reinvent a revenue stream. A third of our time I time right now is really swooping in building these custom teams and helping companies reinvent there tomorrow and then if I'm really really practiced about a third of my time is like digital handyman. Yeah. Yeah. Sure. Someone someone today is like hey, you wrote a book and you helped my friend write a book or you know, hey, there's I'm actually working on two new age books. I never thought I'd be in the book writing business by the way, but one is writing a memoir for a pretty famous celebrity here, which I never thought I'd be in that Arena and another is I would call it a prequel to my book Return of Courage, which I'm happy to share here. It's we're calling it The to use and really I think the big problem we have is there's two years inside of you. There's there's the the warrior you and there's the warrior wage. And so the idea of helping you separate from self, like self sabotaging self-talk. That's a mouthful. You can't lead yourself. You can't leave you shouldn't be leading anybody else in the book really helps you figure out who you are dead to separate you from that self-talk. Yeah, and one of the things I picked up in studying, you know becoming a student of you and and some of the things you're involved in a lot of things that you said r r a m cuz you think about you know, the warrior in the Warrior a lot of people I think you'd concur worry about things that haven't even happened yet and may never happen and start to feel powerless right on something that may not happen. You know, there's a lot of leaders on on on the that listen to the to the podcast Ryan and what would you say to them the people that almost become paralyzed with worry cuz you see it. I see it a great deal. So I kind of have to go back to one of the big learning moments of of my book and log I got really fortunate to take a thousand days and go on this listening tour and I described that process as interviewing The Three B's the Brave the bullish and The Brainiac the brave side. I got to sit with Navy Seals and tornado Chasers and firefighters in Army infantryman and I was really sort of curious as to like, how do they do what they do? And why do they do it, you know may know what's coming here in the States. But yet they still go on that Journey. Anyway.

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