Election Day 2020 - burst 09


Texas florida georgia north carolina. He's going to be well ahead well but we still have to. We still have to worry about. Ohio and pennsylvania continue to maintain ohio according to this man. We're going to be just fine well. Pennsylvania is the eastgate in certain places already been seeing how the democrats are already saying there was voter suppression so You know. I think that they kind of saw this narrative i think they ran a poll and instead of publishing the results of the poll. They said how do we spend the results of this poll in our favor. And i think that that's what we're seeing in. We're going to start seeing a lot. More of it is how trump suppressed the votes of the people now. If trump wins the electoral vote as well as wins the popular. Vote than. you're. You're like a peter you're like a dog with no legs on a peter propped up on one end and it's not working so georgia looks like it's pink. Now georgia florida. I o michigan wisconsin. is surprisingly main all pink Florida we definitely. We need florida. There's florida miami dade Disappointing so fifty three to forty six And collier county is pink right now sixty two donald trump thirty seven. Joe biden house pink. I don't know

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