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Thursday okay. Honestly that theme song grows on me when it was first submitted to me sent over to me by a good friend. You would put that together. I just wasn't sure but I just I don't know kind of get into it and when it ends I just want took a big old breath and just here we go. I'm ready. So skipping the intro because it's story time a little bit of vulnerability story. I actually recorded an episode 231 off a couple of days ago and it's Wednesday Today day after election day and I normally release on Tuesday, but I just didn't like the episode that I recorded and I sent it to a couple of things that are helping me out with things behind the scenes and I said please be honest. Let me know. What do you think and I was so grateful for their honesty and kind of said yeah one was maybe a little bit hard to follow. It was about accountability and someday. Maybe I'll suck. That one of the Hidden tracks but it was based off of the acceptance and commitment Therapy book The Confidence gap, which I absolutely love and I feel like the message I believe in wholeheartedly but I just didn't feel like I was delivering the goods. So I came in this morning. I was going to do one on marital entropy which is kind of a very fascinating concept and then it just kind of hit me that I am getting closer a couple of weeks away from a very big interview with one of my favorites. Dr. Jennifer Finlayson Fife and I presented her and her team with some thoughts and theories that I came up with along with my friend Preston plugged in a while. We were developing my or magnetic marriage course, and I really think it's some things I just saw come out the more we kind of beta tested the course in the differences between male and female the differences and attachment Styles between avoidant and anxious attachment in the differences in love language from people who are maybe anxious attachment and physical touch or words of a phone number. Asian people and how they typically end up in relationships with people that are more avoidant attachment and maybe acts of service or quality time people and I just presented something to Jennifer back and said, hey, let's talk through this. Let's figure this out. So that's a little bit of a sneak preview. That'll be coming up later this month. We're going to be recording press fairly soon. So this morning I just came in and I just had a little pimple on my run this morning and just thought I mean, I've never done bonus episodes or rear and episodes of Jennifer's appearances on the virtual couch. And so when I looked at the stats this morning this episode not about to play which was my initial episode 45. So almost 200 episodes ago is still by far the most downloaded episode of the virtual couch podcast. So I think you're going to get a lot from this today. It's going to start setting the table for my magnetic marriage course, which yes, I am going to promote the heck out of so if you want to hear more go to Tony over bay.com and sign up. Find out more will really start promoting the magnetic marriage course in the next probably two to three weeks and we'll talk about the release date and a lot more details around that and just while I have you off yesterday to podcast were released that I was a guest on one was the Betrayed the addicted in the expert with Kobe and Ashland and my good buddy, Brannon Patrick and they had me come down and talk about narcissism and that is a topic that I am passionate about. And so if you're a fan of that podcast or if you've never heard that podcast we went over an hour. It was a Facebook live at the time and they've missed that episode yesterday. And I really do feel like we talked about some things that I've never really shared before about people coping with dealing with relationships with narcissistic personality. Disorder people have tendency narcissistic Tendencies and I talked about and I mentioned this in the past that I do have a group and it is ready to go. I've mentioned this in the past I know but if for its for women who may find themselves in, Georgia, Relationships with people with narcissistic Tendencies, narcissistic personality disorder if they're going through marital challenges a divorce if they've already been through that and they're dealing with challenges through the trauma Bond. Can you please reach out to me at contact at Tony over bay.com and I will I will give you some information about this group that is beginning and it's completely Anonymous behind the scenes, but I do would love for you to contact me and let me know if you're interested and I was also on a podcast called the Millennium member podcast with Emily Ensign and she released that episode yesterday as well and I'll put links to this in the show notes off but we we went deep into pornography and guilt and shame and how a lot of times well-meaning ecclesiastical leaders can kind of get in the way bless their hearts of recovery home when they are wanting people to recover a certain way and if they don't particularly have experience in working with people that struggle with addiction whether it's compulsive sexual behavior or impulse control disorder, so those two episodes wage, That I was a guest on came out yesterday. Hey and while we're here on the topic of pornography, I have re-released or updated the path back online pornography recovery program path back

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