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2.0. So just go stop by backpack recovery.com and there you'll still find a surety book that talks about five common myths that people fall into when trying to put pornography behind them once and for all and I've started some a Q&A group call so you can find out more information their path back recovery.com. All right, so as usual, please go stop by Instagram at virtual couch and there's a lot more content there some cash from previous episodes are going up on a regular basis and I would love it. If you had a second and you follow or you share this episode with a friend or anything like that. But today we're going to talk about sexuality sexuality and relationships and I feel like I don't need to give any other further introduction if you haven't heard of Jennifer Finlayson Fife, I think you're going to absolutely love her conversational style and again, Is leading up to an episode that I can't wait to record which will come up later this month. Okay. So without any further Ado, let's get to my interview with dr. Jennifer Finlayson Fife long has a little Ranger that says and it says volt sharpen my appearance. Oh, okay. So I did it and it made me look like an anime character. Yes. I I unchecked that box. So I you know, okay. Am I sharpened or not? Very sharp? Yeah, but not anime. No not into my apartment. Very sharp. Okay. All right. I want to welcome. Dr. Jennifer Finlayson Fife to the virtual couch. Welcome Jennifer. Yeah. Thank you for having me. I'm really I really am grateful that I'm willing to take the time and and I was going to jump right out of this is I know that I want your background. I want to get into a very solid interview, but I just had a client. I've been dropping your name for a little while. I'm not going to lie, if you would have had to cancel today I am Just I would have you know been wracked with guilt and shame but the last guy that left they just said you think that when people want to talk to her because you specialize in sexuality and sexual do you typically get the hey so my friend wanted me to ask you is that the way most conversations start with you? That's a good question. Sometimes at parties. That's how it goes. You know? Yeah, we were having this issue. And what do you think about that? Yeah, you know right away that it is their issue. Um sometimes but not always sometimes it is a friend, you know, sometimes some friend is going through something but you know, sometimes you wonder if they're just, you know, trying to bed cover that they have a question. Yes. Yeah. Okay. I have to I so want to just launch into my next question but I we need your background first because it would make more sense to the question. I want to ask so you never talk a little bit about your background. So I have a PhD in counseling psychology and I studied at BYU Brigham Young University. I did my undergrad in Psychology and women's studies and then as a grad student, I was asked to teach an undergrad course on human sexuality. And that was at the same time that I was trying to figure out a dissertation topic and you know, I could spend a lot of time thinking about how I came to my topic but I decided to write my dissertation on Mormon women and sexuality and looking at Mormon women sense of agency and their lives both pre-med. And within marriage and so now we focus of my research. Okay, you got a funny story about the teaching the classes to I heard on one of the lines is what was that? Yeah, so I was not yet married and I thought was asked to teach two courses one was human sexuality and the other was drugs and alcohol. Okay. I was a Mormon who had no experience with either and so yeah, you go up saying no to drugs and alcohol one and just do the sexuality one. But yeah, so it you know, it opened up lots of questions. Look I was teaching Catholic students because it was a Jesuit college. Okay colleges. So it was helping me take a look at sexuality through the lens of Catholicism and then thinking about Mormonism as well as feminism, which I had studied a lot of and so that led me to my topic with Google captivating dissertation. Yeah one. Okay, then I am maybe going to go a little bit out of order cuz I have to tell you as I was dropping your name, so I had a a woman who was sending me an email about one of the podcast that she heard me on and it was in particular about why is it so difficult to get men into? Yep. Link which I'm sure we could talk about and so but she then said I then I told her that you were coming on the podcast again dropping the name I could and I actually wrote this as her exact quote. She said she said I love and that's all in caps.

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