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Walter M. Sterling from radio possession. Table movement reaching the lives of million joined the Walter M. Sterling Club Sterling on Sunday. Weather and the first real push of cold air for the new season continues to drive southward toward the Gulf of Mexico. Lots of freeze warnings tonight plus that cold air is now the correct angle coming across like here in Lake Ontario, generating the first locally heavy snow fall down wind of the Great Lakes. And lots of wind advisories across the northeastern mid Atlantic and now warmer air again working out west as it stays dry now from Washington state down to Mexico, But new strong winds over Southern California are adding to the fire Weather threat. Also tonight, a record setting tropical storm has been named in the central Caribbean. It's named Ada the seventh letter of the Greek alphabet, becoming a huge rainmaker headed to Central America, and we'll watch closely simply because The storm may linger and then eject northward toward Florida next weekend. Lots of uncertainty there. I'm keeping you out of this charm of weather reports at six and 36 minutes past the hour all night on sterling on Sunday. It's eight minutes past the hour, eight minutes past the hour with Walter Sterling You and I are alive on a Sunday night now. There's a place that I have been many, many times it's a 116th street. And

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