Justice Department files complaint against Melania Trump's ex-friend over tell-all book


Making headlines by releasing unflattering tapes of her former friend Melania Trump a couple of weeks ago. Now the first lady is fighting back. ABC senior national correspondent Terry Moran Melania Trump taking on her former friend and adviser who wrote a book about her personal life and released secret audio recordings of their conversations to CNN. The two are her discussing the controversial policy to separate Children from their parents at the U. S Mexico border. Not its parents said, But he wanted to come here alone or coyotes or legally, you need to. You need to do something First lady is saying Wolkoff secretly recorded our phone calls releasing portions from me that we're out of context. The Department of Justice filing a lawsuit against walkoff alleging she violated A non disclosure agreement. Wall Cough says the material in her book is outside the scope of that India. The Packers fall from the

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