Is This Josh Allen's (and the Bills') Breakout Season?

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So. Matt. Last year. The buffalo bills were one of the surprise stories of the NFL or lease. It felt that way for much of the season. Coming into this year, what would you say were the expectations around this team I think the expectations were that not only would they build on what they did a year ago but kind of sustain the success in the postseason. When you're quarterbacks in his third season, you've got your head coach in his fourth season. People were expecting that this team would contend for the division and win at least one playoff game maybe host playoff game. There are people that had really high expectations about this team, the buffalo bills you can easily say that this is their here. This is their division. saw like the the buffalo bills go to number one winner division and internally i. Think, the expectations were they hadn't arrived unless they won the division and started hosting playoff games and that's always been the goal for this regime. Basically from the end of the season, they made a point to say they needed more weapons they needed more on offense. They need the offense to be better, and of course, naturally you're thinking, all right, what are they going to do with that first round pick in a wide receiver class that was loaded Brandon beane decided that the immediate impact would be to go get a guy that's proven and he traded for Stefan Digs Buffalo GonNa get Stefan digs a seventh rounder in the upcoming draft Minnesota with a hall of picks. For Digs, the former V day said, no receiver in this class is going to be as good as defined digs will be and the waste of fund digs is played through five games. Certainly validated that the bills started out the season for no Josh Allen was grabbing a ton of headlines in your view Matt. How good was he during that run? He was excellent. was among. The best quarterbacks in the League through that stretch? Davis Buffalo. Josh. Allen. Was A lot better than we've seen him. He was more accurate pulpit of middle. Middle Gigs Margulis catching traffic he was more confident but it all down the field. Saturday. Prickly Building. Was a lot more confident in that first month just pushing the ball down the field. You could see the instinct chemistry with the fond eggs that was legitimately the best month of quarterback play. I've seen from buffalo bills quarterback since I started covering the team in twenty fourteen. Well then. The bills got absolutely hammered by the titans brochures company breaks away. What did you think of Allen's performance in that game I think the main takeaway for me was that Josh Allen did not play his best. It was his worst game of the season. It was what you would consider probably a bad game for Josh, Allen and still within that, it was better than his bad games from a year ago is some of his bad games a year ago would really hinder the passing offense and really hinder the overall team and yes, he turned the ball over twice against the titans but he never seemed to lose control. He never seemed to panic or even look confused he looked frustrated but not confused and I think that's the difference with him now as. Opposed to a year ago. So it wasn't as bad as we've seen him play, but it was just as bad as we've seen employees this year what did he have to say after the game he put a lot of it on himself. You know I got a little greedy on that one and and do that. You know throwing that interception there the defense didn't play well, and that would have been an easy crutch but he also gave them short fields and he acknowledged that and talked about protecting the football and all these things even after the winds he's deflecting praise all over the place you know the player of the week it's my parents it's not a huge deal for me. I think that Moore's team oriented award. Five plus dies blocked on every given plane takes your receivers to get open and go catch the ball and make plays after the catch. He's a guy that really understands his place on this team and he understands what he needs to get better at and having that awareness has helped him grow a lot over the offseason and into the first part of this season

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