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From the ambassador, Midwest floored Traffic center. All right, We've got a mess in both directions on Lake ST Louis Boulevard at Holloway. There was an accident there. Involving a school bus and that there were some injuries. Minor minor injuries, But they are still asking this is Lake ST Louis police. If you would please just avoid the area, so Lake ST Louis Boulevard is really jammed, really between highway 70 and just south of 70 will say, especially at Holloway. Now we had an accident earlier, this was South bound to 70 south of Highway 21. They've got the accident cleared. It involved a tractor trailer off the roadway. It is gone, but we have a jam that goes back to Big Ben and a lot of people took South found 1 41 as an alternate, so it's pretty heavy and slow between Graboid and 21. South of 21. It opens up We've gotta jam West found on the Missouri side coming off the McKinley Bridge. We've got things looking much better. In North County. They clear the accident. West found 2 17 really near live black eastbound to 70. Drivers of slow Go right at Lindbergh and West found 64 40 just some moderate volume, But it's right at Clayton's Caykur. Then it will open up and look better. Thomas with traffic. This report is brought to you by the D E. A drug called on. I lost this, but anyway, you gotta recycle your stuff. I'll talk about it later with traffic. It's 4 46 at 97 1. That that's the sound of NyQuil. Severe hard at work, like will severe is the best sleep with cold medicine, no tossing and turning, just rest and recovery.

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