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I return I was thousand. What were you doing during that three year stretch While I was doing a lot of rehab because it did take after I got kicked in the Paddock at Ecuador I broke my. Pillow, and that took about ten months to return I. Did ride for about two weeks where within that time coming back I ended up tearing my meniscus in that same leg. Did Not, need surgery. So that took about roughly a year to heal. So. We're already halfway through with Rehab and everything like that. I spent a lot of time took advantage of going back to my hometown and seeing some family and friends that as many people know life on the race extract especially as a jockey everything people do weddings, funerals, parties, birthday parties that'll happen on the weekends and for me, that's my biggest time of the week. So I missed a lot. So it was nice to catch up and. Go back home and spend time with family. What was it like though tried to make peace with those two losses in your family? Yeah I. Don't I don't know if we're can put it into play I. Mean for me I just try to. Celebrate their lives in any way I. can you know anytime their memory comes up I Said, just start to celebrate their lives and embrace it. Jockey David Cone joining us here on in the GAITO pilot. Keep me in mind in the Breeders Cup juvenile before we get to your comeback to racing and the Breeders Cup i WanNa take a moment to remember the owner trainer Barry Abrams not to be confused with yours truly though it will be on my headstone. When I die I am not the owner trainer. Now you having grown up with your father around California racing new Barry Abrams pretty well what did he mean to you? Yeah. Very, you know so sad to hear about it. You know he'd lost A. Pretty. Long. Battle with I think goes stroke cancer and just growing up from the time. I can remember dairy and he he was actually one of my early supporters as an apprentice and really stuck with me after losing my apprenticeship. And you know he's just a solid guy and you know one of the good guys and you know unfortunately, they don't make them like that anymore. It was nice to see him be able to battle along and show strata, but it was definitely sad to hear the the news. So, what made you start to think about a comeback to racing in two thousand seventeen after the physical and emotional issues that you had undergone. Well for me Berry was never matter of if I would return just a matter of win. So I wanted to make sure. Not only was I physically, but of course, just mentally in the right state of mind to. Ride at a high level. One thing I did do is before my return. Since I. was taking my time on on coming back is that I? I ended up passing. From when I broke my Tibia I had A. Plate in five screws in my Tibia. Removal of that the progresses was it was going to take about three months. So I wonder heading had that removed prior to return it wasn't bothering me but I didn't WanNa come back to riding get momentum rolling and then all of a sudden. Have it start bugging me and have to have that halt me in any progress always me thinking on my return. So that was another thing that did prolong it for a few months. For me was tighening where I was going to return that I wanted to see obviously when you come off any. Injury especially lengthy one like mine. You have to come back and win right away. So it was very. Cherry picked where I would return where I would make my comeback. And was blessed that. When I did I came back to Oakland Park and really got a winning start right away. One. That resulted in your being named. Comeback. Jockey of the year by the website chaki talked three sixty. What did it mean to you to win that award in two thousand eighteen? Oh. Yeah. That that's something that I did not expect. It was one of those years that just Kinda give zealot into something that was worthy of such an award as very humbling. Data word comes from your peers and you know there's more to the inside industry. and. Again. How was just blessed to be able to come back from such a horrific injury? Many guys didn't have that opportunity you want so blessed so. For me to. be able to have a terrific year and transfer that into Combat League receiving such an award really meant mental world is. Definitely a a trophy that goes along with the rest of them that I'm GonNa Chair. One of the most Fisher. This is the time of year when some of us, look back on how we've done the past twelve months and set our goals for the coming year. What do you hope to accomplish by this time in two thousand, twenty one? That's a good. You know I wanNA stay safe. Sound healthy. You know family healthy obviously were. In this weird day major now. So it's a things are a little more important that are part of your career. But as far as writing goes couple more riding titles when hurt. Some nice to heroes turning into some good three year olds love to have a good derby prospect and I. I really think that this keeping in mind as he progresses. The way. I. Feel He will, and that he shown he is that he could be potential. So I would love to have some nice solid breeder step horses this time around as well. We have some solitude. Coming in at the end of the year. So I'm definitely excited to see what that crop flipside. Keep me in mind tends to come from off the pace now knowing who the possible contenders are in the juvenile have you given yourself a chance to get a sense of what kind of pace he'll get there? Why definitely fill a, he'll get a more solid tastes than he did his last few times especially his last time out it was more of a mediocre pay I. Think they went about twenty three and change forty eight change. I think there's those some two solid speed horses maybe three. And with those horses I do not think we're GONNA get more that slow pace that he seemed and I also feel that he will show a little more speed and he's still figuring it out. We are throwing blinkers on the horse naturally, that may have them show some sleet. Not. Looking to take out of his running style he's a very big horse and and a lot of times these type horses. It takes them time mentally to catch up with their body and what he's doing right now is you a pure? Ability in the light really hasn't even turned on yet. So it's GonNa be fun and interesting. One that does happen and I expect it to happen come. Breeder stuff. And we certainly wish you the best of success there not into the future David Cohen. Thank you so much for a few minutes. Very. Good. Thank you for having me. It's typical for Breeders Cup winning owners to come from New York California Ireland Dubai how about from Minnesota with a horse big claim we'll chat with the CO owners of factor this when the inmate podcast continues. Welcome back to the gate the Breeders Cup Mile could very well be one of the most hotly contested races on championship weekend. You could see three mayors and not European mayors American mayors taking on older males they would got stormy and two former Breeders Cup winners trained by Chad Brown newspaper of record and defending mile winner uni. There's no fours from California whom we discussed last week's show and it looks like the winner of the opening leg of the British triple crown will be here also two thousand guineas winner. Kemoko and taking all of them on will be a horse claimed two years ago a horse whose lightbulb

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