A Fermentation Celebration (with Sam Pike)


Hello, and welcome to misinformation Trivia podcasts for ladies and Gentlemen Cool Trivia and sticking it to annoying teams. It pop quiz where your hosts I'm Lauren and I'm Julia Hey, Joel Lord Hey you know it's getting chilly. We love those fall foods they're all coming up. and. One of the things that you can do in the fall I've heard I've never done it before is setup vegetables and fruits for the winter you know like our forth like in the olden days when you had a root cellar when yeah. When he had a root cellar, that's my mother likes to say. So I thought, that was a perfect time for us to bring on a very special guest four guests tober guests hct. which the song we will, we will put insert interesting music here. Hey everybody engineer Josh here instead of the guests over theme to apologize for some of the audio this week's episode we had record this in the afternoon. So we gave our baby to mind Mr Information Co host Steve to take a little nap. Unfortunately she woke up a couple of Times Mason commotion that we wouldn't get picked up on Mike, but it did I did my best. Mix wherever I could sponsor, it was possible or maybe some anise I just wanted to make clear that we're not ignoring her baby to do the podcast. She was just given the business on. That out of the way, please enjoy the show. But we have a wonderful guest today by former intern and a fermentation Guru Sam Pike Sam. Below thanks for being here to the show Sam. Pleasure to be here. Sam I. First thing you guys need to know about him is that he was one of our earliest and our best when I was working at the messy and when we first saw his because you know, you have to submit a CV when you're an intern at the se were various professional and we saw his full name. On the was Samuel Gag now pike and I we were like is this a civil war ghost? Is He? Has, he lived forever and so from there on in and God bless Sam for being such a good sport about we insisted that he was a civil war ghost, the entire time, and as long as I've known him, we continuously poke fun at the fact, and actually at one point Julian I got drunk and made up an entire TVs we planned to TV show around it's called the eternal soldier. He's been wandering the earth for the last two, hundred and thirty years and the theme song is Taylor Swift's welcome to New York because he obviously he writes into your and I'm right. GMT. Yeah, that's our TV. Show, and of course, he comes to New York obviously to solve murders. Yes. Yes as you do. CBS is all procedural. Oh. This is CBS show. I wasn't clear and also not for nothing Sam. I'm so sorry we took your so. We will not be paying you residuals at all. Right, let's get to play myself in the show. Absolutely you even look like a civil war coast. So being a minor and all, but anyway, I'm so sorry to take a any more of your time Sam. Please tell us what you're going to be talking to us today about. All right. So I'm Sam and I'm GonNa Tell You all about fermentation and the different kinds of from anticipation over the history of the science, some of the culture, some of the contemporary stuff too because it's still going it's still evolving in it is still advancing. That's very exciting. I gotTA. Tell you I don't know. Anything. Neither do I mean we've listened to people tell us about how they make wine and beer and Sticks didn't stick Yeah Yeast? Something marist. But we're GONNA find out from Sam Sam please take it away I cannot wait to hear So you guys know a bit about like beer and wine or vaguely about. One of the three kind of pillars of fermentation I'm GonNa talk about so. Wine and beer that's made leasing primarily. The same has made us us to make bread. Et for men's sugars endow. Hall. The other two types are lactoferrin venting often call Hick link that says what's called Lactobacillus the type of bacteria that can birds carbohydrates into Lactic. ACID. and. A. Few other things sometimes, sometimes a little bit of alcohol sometimes, Carbon Dioxide sometimes see the gasset which talk to cobb out more later. Ended the third kind is. It's in America's It's broadly called Koji fermenting. It's what's done to make down. Like soy sauce missile soccer it's hard. It's harnessing mold to ferment. To. ferment. Things, slightly different process Right so And Fuel Freeman feel free to interrupt me at any point to get clarification or. We will we will. Kind of assumed is much. You're used to be at this point. Sam. lactoferrin renting or using lactobacillus. That is what I know. The most is I teach frequent workshops on it's what I can and doing daily. If I should camera slightly he would see just a huge row of Sauerkraut sitting just above my. Yeah. Saint Ours and Jar Sam's Instagram is basically just bubbling jars of of who knows what that he forged from the woods? Yes. Exactly. Am I not wrong you're not. The worst part is a horrible habit of not labelling everything. Guess what stuff is in how old it is. It's never not been fine. So unsafe there. Oh, okay jars. Not sure. Sure of this is bad or not. Guess we'll try it. Snow tested. So, what leftover mentoring is, it's harnessing this bacteria that. Is. A little bit of chemistry right here that I don't I barely know about what it does. It takes carbohydrates newco simple sugars in which are the chemical makeup is c six, h twelve, O six and breaks down into a few other substances the most important one being lactic acid, which is see three, eight, six, three. And the reason that wants to sewn Horton is that lactic acid drops the key age of the substance of the buner making end makes it last longer preserve Okay. So. If you just let the food out, normally, it would just kind of like. Go. Get bad mold bad smell. Awful. This smells awful. The some people a lot of people, but it's still perfectly safe to eat even make some of the nutrients and minerals a lot more accessible. And the way people are the hardest. This bacteria easily been harnessing at for thousands of years is by adding salt. So that period that produces this lactic acid it can. Stay withstand able an acidic environment, but also a salty environment which things cannot do. So by adding salt, the cabbage is that bacteria will just quickly take over multiply in. ferment everything until it's perfectly say. That's interesting. It's incredibly easy to do at home for like. I mean, it was done accidentally first centuries think about it. The microscopes were invented until relatively recently, people really didn't know a dockyard east even was they just they kind of knew the process entitles like magic or a gift from God or something They're alive for theories they're really need them the basics remain laughter permitting is a vessel. It. More only time places. You'll see like crosser. Back of some sort. The easiest way to do it at home is just take a mason jar can old pickle jar or a refresh Lee bought Mason Jar, just. Cut Up some cabbage mix it with some salt N. just packed their real tight in. Let it for that. See you don't have to add any liquid or anything. So we're talking about SAUERKRAUT. You don't get any liquor sour talents was so frightening there's enough liquid in the cabbage itself OSMOSIS SIS in like chopping the cabbage bricks enough cell walls at all this water just gets leached at the cabbage in submerged the cabbage totally in its own liquids. That's that had no idea. There are few other vegetables like tomatoes are the same but something like that hickel cucumber. You could slice and mashed us that out but the relief roast texture. Yeah yes. He leave it whole than you make what's call it salt brine, which is just water and salt mixed together and just with the cucumbers in that, they just start permitting on their own.

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