Jesus - the one who would drink the cup of God’s wrath


So. All of this has huge implications for how we should talk and think about how Jesus understood his death. What did Jesus think his death meant how did he talk about it and how does it fit into this will conversation. So remember the meaning of the Cup of God's anger in in the prophets there's an important story in Matthew. Chapter. Twenty. Where two of his disciples their mom comes up to him to Jesus and asks if two of her sons can be Jesus as like special special princes when he becomes the King of Israel helicopter parents. Just, be a good mom. So. Wealth is great. So. Will you know command in your kingdom that my Tucson's will sit on your right and left Jesus answers. Sorry you just simply don't know what you're asking for. Are you able to drink the cup that I am about to drink and the two men said to him? Oh yes we're able and he said to them you know you actually will drink my cup but to sit on my right hand or left sorry, that's not my authority give but to be on my right and my left that is for those whom it has been prepared by my father this is a little hint forward to criminals. Jesus. Yes. But to Jesus thrown in other words when comes in his kingdom, he will have one on his right and one on his left and when in the Gospels is that moment happen? Why did it all the Gospel Authors? Tell us that he had one on his right and one on his left when he was Chris when he's crucified yes. That's right which is a type of upside down and thrown. Yeah. That's right. So already here he's hinting that the cup refers to his coming execution. And many of his disciples will actually lay down their lives for their witness to Jesus I. think that's what it means. You will drink my cup, but his point is that the way I'm going to become king over Israel over the nation's is by drinking the cup and there's only one place. Where that Jesus getting that image from. But the the passages we looked at in a previous episode, which is Isaiah Fifty one Jeremiah twenty-five in Psalm seventy five with three main cup of passages of Gaza. If they were familiar with the Hebrew. Bible would they know exactly what he was saying here? Are you able to what they have understood that? Well, yeah. In the moment in the actual moment of the conversation. Yeah. I don't know Jesus was a ridler he spoke in scriptural language and the riddles all the time the Gospel authors want the reader to pick it up because Jesus is going to use the image again in a couple of chapters. So what is he saying what did authors want us to pick up? Are you able to? Remind me again about drinking the Cup yet drinking the cup is what Jeremiah says will happen to Jerusalem when it surrounded by Babylonian armies because they're king broke a treaty with Babylon and they've been unfaithful to God. So drinking the cup, is another way of saying God handing you over to the consequences of your decisions, which ultimately it seems like our death throughout the biblical story line, not not as in the consequences. Of Sin are death in the trite way we think about it. But in the story line being handed over is kind of simultaneous with and specifically being handed over to be conquered by pagan armies. What would it mean then for Jesus to drink the of? That's exactly right. You gotTa keep on Reading You gotTa let the story. Tell you what she's means because he brings it up again in the garden Africa semi. Well, actually skipping his story at Passover. Right at the last supper when he brings out the cup and he says, This Cup is the new covenant in my blood. So he gives them a cup to drink and they're the this cup imagery is really rich. He's borrowing imagery from Covenant Making Ceremonies and the Old Testament likening his blood, the blood of the animals that would be offered up to God in the making. Of Covenant. Then after that, he goes out to the Garden of Disseminating Matthew Twenty six and in the in the garden, what he's praying is this it's in Verse Thirty Nine in Matthew Twenty. Six He says three times Matthew says, Jesus, prayed my father it's possible May. This Cup be taken from me but not my desire, but your desire be done so Jesus keeps talking about. His coming death as drinking the Cup on behalf of his people. That's his conception of death and drinking the cup in say Isaiah fifty one is image of experiencing the consequences of God turning his face Yup and those consequences are God allowing foreign armies to overtake his Covenant People. That's the concrete expression that it takes in history and so Jesus is using this phrase. We know it's intense. We know he's excited about it. Yeah. So Jesus is going to experience. God turning his face away. Jesus knows that if Israel turns away from his message that they're going to be destroyed. He's been making that crystal clear all throughout his warnings of Judgment. He intentionally goes to Jerusalem for Passover during the feast week when they celebrate their liberation from a pagan oppressor Egypt. And he intentionally goes there and he poked the bear, it doesn't just poke the bear. He likes stabs the bear jabs at for a week. You're. Provoking, the temple leaders, the city leaders I you know he's intentionally creating problem and he keeps saying throughout this week, I'm going to drink the cup. I'm coming here to drink the cup. So Jesus is going to put himself in the place of faithless covenant, breaking Israel and experienced defeat at the hands of pegging armies on their behalf. If, you just think through with all these images mean to drink. The Cup means to be conquered by PAGANO, presser job because of covenant violation Israel here specifically Jerusalem the warning is given. That Rome is going to burn it down and takeover death destruction and. What Jesus is predicting that's going to happen is he's going to experience that he's going to experience what it's like to be. destroyed. By the Roman oppressor. That's right. He's GonNa Drink That Cup

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