#474 - Cheering From the Beyond

In The Gate


The old fashioned way by taking on his elders in the fall and beating them. TACITUS will turn for home with the lead mystic guide on the outside happy saver down at the route. So it's three of them across the track at here is mystic guard on the outside the Polka Hidden Front happy savers. Now coming on, it's going to be between the two three year olds happy saver the rail mystic guide on the outside happy saver. These fraud at happy saver stays undefeated. He steps up any wins the grade one jockey club gold, Cup. Unlike. So many of his peers happy saver never went through with sales ring never had a number sticker put on his hip never had veterinarians studying his x rays or nuclear scans to see if he'd make a good purchase. Happy Saver is a home bred from family cunning charm and survival skills have resulted in two great empires of the last hundred years one in business and one in racing. Nineteen twenty four. World War One the war to end all wars had concluded in Europe five years earlier, and the roaring twenties were in full swing on both sides of the Atlantic. That year a French couturier named Gabrielle Coco Chanel was working on developing a line of perfumes. Chanel was a budding dressmaker, a perfumer and a milliner. But running a business wasn't her forte she needed some help wider distribution. Through a connection to a large department store owner in town Coco Chanel was introduced two brothers Pierre and Paul Ver- timer. The vert timers ran a perfume company of their own. Bourgeois. Chanel biographer Lisa Cheney takes up the story. The timers had an apparently a brief conversation in which Chanel agreed that she would allow them to become distributors. She had been developing a series of perfumes including Chanel number five, but she was more interested in fashion than perfume or in running a business chanel biographer how Vaughan says that in one thousand, nine, hundred, thousand, four in exchange for marketing and Promoting Gabrielle Chanel products brothers Pierre and Paul Birth timer initially wound up with seventy percent of most of her assets to relationship began on a perfectly. Good business basis. At that time, I don't think Chanel ever realized the potential of this business. These early days people weren't exploiting. Perfume and cosmetics in keeping with fashion chanel biographer. Rhonda. Garlic. To the one in an era where it was absolutely. Marta. Forum. A company like that? It would unheard of even to mark. So by nineteen, twenty, four, she would making great tried but she could never have imagined herself capable of launching. Global Corporation. These men, these Crawford. Thaw in her potential that when reflected to

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