Pilot Program For COVID-19 Paper Strip Tests To Be Rolled Out To Los Angeles Soon


At home Corona virus testing. It's coming soon to Los Angeles. The city is working with US Department of Health and Human Services, USC and others on a paper strip testing pilot program. The Mayor Eric Garcetti says more than 20,000. Such tests have been procured. The plan is to start with firefighters and possibly some kids who've returned to school. Hopefully sometime around, you know, the last 10 days of October, we will launch that were confident about that will be the first in the country to do this in an extensive way, and we're doing this with national partners to be able to share that information with HHS, The Rockefeller Foundation and other cities who were bringing in tow, hopefully do their pilots shortly thereafter as well. Paper strip test may be a lot less sensitive than what are known as PCR tests, which can detect tiny viral material. But proponents argue the easier and cheaper auntie gin test would result in more frequent and widespread testing the summer, Garcetti brought together a team of health experts and others to come up with a paper strip testing program, he said. If we get this right, we could be doing as many as a million tests a week using paper strip testing in Los Angeles. Claudia

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