Police chief: No reason to fire Wisconsin officer who killed teen


The chief of police chief of Ah Milwaukee suburb. That scene protests and unrest since an officer was cleared of criminal wrongdoing in the fatal shooting of a black teenager says he sees no reason why the officer should be fired. Wauwatosa Police chief Barry Webber's that in a news conference Monday that he disagrees with an independent Investigators report that Officer Joseph MENSA should be fired because he has shot and killed three people in just five years on the force, and he's Too great of a risk to shoot somebody else. Just immense, has been cleared by the district attorney in three different cases. There's been no reason up to this point and none that I can see that he should be removed from the force. He's acted legally and lawfully. In all previous actions that I'm aware of. We saw what happened in Kenosha. We saw what happened in Portland and boodle in other places. It was our determination to make sure that none of those, uh things happens. Tosa. We arrested people that had Molotov cocktails in their backpacks, and we found a Molotov cocktail at the base of the city hall Sign. So that's just an example of what we were taking seriously. What actually came about the good news is we have no loss of life. Very few injuries at all. None serious and the property damage was minimal. Prosecutors last week cleared MENSA in February's fatal shooting of 17 year old Alvin Cole, the Cole family attorney, rejecting the position of Weber, the chief and said it shows that He should be fired, too.

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