Hiking and Camping Stories (or 'High Stakes F*ck Ups')


Hey Babe what's up? Do you remember when we were like super fit and really good hiking. No me neither. That's the whole that's that that. Was it. That was the whole thing. That was the. The Feeling bad about ourselves. Yes. Is that not not funny Great Star let's do this episode. Really Jeremy where the accident prone travelers behind practical wanderlust. dish out travel tips, troubled tricks, useful trivia, useless trivia, mildly entertaining anecdotes and everything else you need to avoid making all of our terrible terrible terrible terrible. Terrible mistakes. We make a lot of mistakes. Today's episode is a storytelling episode which focuses on previous trips we've taken. Why do you sound like you're in serial? You just thought it just sounded like NPR, not that that's a bad thing like I would fall asleep listening to NPR. This episode was originally aired in two thousand one after the nine eleven attacks. We what's his name I read? Ira Glass Okay Anyway sorry gone. Anyway it's a storytelling episode and we're not going to give too much information about how to go to these places because travels lake. Not Thing right now now we are all. Well. We should all be locked down. We personally are on lockdown places in the country aren't, but there are only a handful activities that we really consider low risk enough to recommend doing and two of those things which we have in taking advantage of our hiking and camping their outdoor activities, which is ideal, and you know you can also be really far. From anyone who's in your household or Pod if you're doing that thing, there aren't really that many shared services either mostly you're taking everything in your bringing back out with you I mean there's the bathroom, but you can kind of take clorox wipes, which is what we've been doing and wash your hands a lot. So you can really lower the risk quite. A bit of course, if you are going hiking camping or doing anything really right now please take the usual precautions mask stay six feet away hand sanitizer wipes, wash your hands so on and so forth I think hopefully you know the basics. So today we're going to focus on some of our favorite hiking and camping stories before we got put on lockdown. Is My as a surprise divas but we've had some pretty disastrous outdoor adventures. Yeah. I say favorite in like the these are our favorite stories to tell us. They're hilarious way not in like I can't wait to do this again sort of way you don't want to go hiking and Cameron. Wow I. didn't realize we're getting a divorce this early in the episode. Well we usually that for at least twenty minutes then. Twenty seconds on be real. Hiking camping disasters where the I travel disasters, we actually had together way before the honeymoon and they started pretty early on in our relationship like shockingly early in our relationship with those the first one mono hot springs Oh to we start with that story. Okay. Five months dating. We wanted to take a camping trip with two of our friends we had like gone camping before actually the first time that Jeremy Ever told me he loved me was on a camping trip, but we weren't the organizers and it. was like a big public camping trip. So we weren't like personally in charge of bringing everything, which is kind of honestly anxiety inducing when it's your first time. So we didn't even know how to start how to search for it. So we landed on Mono hot springs in the Sierra Nevada mountains base pretty much on just random searching on recreation dot Gov, and the fact Edwards hot spring than in their description sounded pretty great to us. Nothing has the word hot springs could ever possibly do wrong right? Google maps clocked us at about a five hour drive in the area, but it took us ten hours. This was the first time that we found out that it's actually completely inaccurate when you just pick a spot on a map and try to their thinking that you can just arrive there and the time that Google tells you that you can. But it really doesn't work that way. I mean, it might if you're a better person but we're not so who knows One person. On our Party. Had An air mattress and forgot the pumps. So we had to make a Walmart stop somewhere in the Central Valley. have. A sleeping bag that that tracks We went the wrong direction because Leah took a page out of her mom's out of her mom's handbook and printed the Google after. Okay. Still stand by that actually because if you're in the mountains, you don't have service and it really helps to have printed directions. What helps more is a map so that when you take a wrong turn, the printout that you have is still useful which was my problem jeopardy if you use GPS Google downloads directions so if you lose service. Twenty thirteen, you don't know if that was accurate. Okay. Well, turn by turn directions does not help when one of the turns is wrong. And you're like well. Now. I'm just saying there's a reason. MAPQUEST is still around and my mom is that reason that's a good one too. Lazy, Sunday. Okay. There's also twenty miles on a one lane highway at the edge of a cliff and it took an hour and a half because you have to take this at like five to ten miles an hour. Yes. Kaiser Pass I will never in my life forget Kaiser Pass because I hated it truly so much I. Think I was white knuckling the entire time it was absolutely horrifying. We also made the mistake of listening to like really amped up rap the whole time why I don't know one of our friends was like really into Kenya ironically. That's right. She kept what is the song she kept putting on fucking repeat. Bound to now we it was it was bound to wise but we shouldn't talk about Cognac because he's really smiling right now. Oh yeah he's. He's going through something. Yeah. Because we took. So long we got there after the ranger station closed and the ranger station was located at the beginning of that pass. So we Can't really check with the ranger. Let's go on this hour and a half drive down this one lane, and we'll just return in the morning to check in. Yeah we didn't actually realize that you don't have to check in with the ranger. When you go campsite that was that was also something we learn on this trip turns out you can just go there and they'll come up to you and see if you're there at some point and it's totally fine if you don't see them I, feel like that's common knowledge but it wasn't for us. It was we had no idea I literally thought that like if we got there at four fifteen in the ranger station was closed at four we like wouldn't be able to sleep there for some reason I was like ed nervous wreck about it the whole the whole day you. We're wow look who's talking pot kettle ginger. That's not how the expression goes I've I'm quoting that one I'm coining that term right nominees that forever gonNA t shirts that say pot kettle ginger laugh. But I've already I'm designing it my head right now check the store practically waterless dot com you don't have a story at Bam. That's the first item. So. The next morning we left because we were like, oh, gotTa take this long drive again to go to the ranger station.

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