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Dog Tales


Away and keep the house wherein sheet wells from fevers deadly sway Before, then they were more than lucky they were divine. In, ancient, Egypt, they represented the goddess bastiat whose head is that's of a dog feline and norse mythology to enormous black cats pulled the chariots of Freya goddess of love and war. These aren't symbols of dark magic, these figures, the command, respect. Over the following centuries, we've seen strange rules develop about what makes a lucky black cats encounter and what makes an unlucky one In Germany it's considered bad luck if the black cat crosses your path from right to left but good luck if going from left to right in England, the luck is determined by whether the cats is walking toward or away from you. All. This begs the question. Where did the bad luck surrounding black cats come from and why did any and all good luck associated with creature vanish by the time Europeans reached America. Perhaps, the ONS allies in the puritanical roots of the United States. Even, today young people might be told to cross themselves or say a prayer when they see a black cat. This is especially true for anyone attending say a Catholic high school. Today story takes place in the recent past in a world where maybe there's some merit with fear of cats. But I'm getting ahead of myself. The story actually begins with a chase. Deep inside the holes of Bishop Fenwick High School. Mary Katherine Hale didn't hear the school bell ring. She didn't hear much of anything besides the dull in distant pounding of her feet against the floor. A wave of perfectly combed golden hair vanished around the corner in front of her. The owner of that head Haley, trainer had taken Mary's hearing aid. She rounded corner then another in pursuit of the thief. She was no athlete and by the time she caught up with her pursuer she was sweaty red faced and shaking with rage. Haley was sitting in has seats towards the front of Kloss wearing an angelic smile beside her her boyfriend Dylan Smith stifled a snigger. Everyone else had their heads bowed for the morning prayer. Mary Saturday desk across from them and waited. Finally, when the heads raised Mary stood and walked over to Haley. She held out her hand expectantly. Haley adopted an innocent and vaguely incensed expression. What do you want widow? Has, silent mouth seemed to. Say. Mary. Caught a hint of movement to Dylan side as if he was pocketing something. His shoulders was shaking from repressed laughter. Was At her helplessness. Something else. Mary. Looked up to see if the teacher had noticed the interaction. The entire class was staring at her. Cheeks burned with embarrassment. Dylan Haley had done this on purpose they knew Mary hated being the center of attention. She slunk back to her seat and sat down admitting defeat. The two students loft silently a silver crucifix bouncing up and down, on Dylan's chest. Mary buried her face in her textbook tis swimming in her eyes. She knew the hearing aid would eventually find its way back to her the police wouldn't keep it because it was too fun to keep stealing it and over they toyed with her like a cat plays with mouse. As expected Mary. Got Her hearing aid back by the end of the day after suffering through six classes taught by adults who Neverland Asl. She took long way home that night from the bus stop she didn't want her father to see how miserable she looked. With, each step a vision of heads will mentors returned to her mind. Haley with her impeccable make-up and pearly white smile. Dillon with his chisel jaw and tousled hair. Flawless Children of flawless parents going to church every Sunday and serving as readers during school mass. Mary thought it was funny how exterior perfection often hid rotten hearts. The son had completely set by then the shadows growing longer in depot all around them. Mary only really noticed when one of them seem to detach itself and slunk toward the sidewalk. It was a cat very clearly astray it's for was wild and had no. Kala. Mary, Whitehouse is and knelt down to the Kassai level holding out to have. The cats approached yellow eyes glinting in the gloom. She could almost see something behind it slit pupils. The strange kind of recognition. Like it new Herve. But then it's close out and is struck. It could only reach her hand, but that was enough. It's talent scored across her fingers causing small flexible blood to splatter the pavement. Mary. Pulled a hand back in shock. The cat just stood there. Staring as if it had done nothing wrong. Mary Grit her teeth and closed how is trying to wait until the stinging subsided Then She felt rough tunnel slide across her forehead. When she looked up, the cat was gone. When Mary arrived home she went right for the attic. She couldn't count on have father comforts after his busy day of work instead. She found comfort in a ghost. Mary's mother had left without explanation six months earlier. Yeah. Just after a huge fight with her father about sending her to a Catholic School Mary felt most safe among the possessions she left behind packed away in Kabul. Much of her mother stuff didn't make sense to her old books. We'd Herbs and indecipherable recipes. But there was comfort in their familiar strangeness. As she does off she thought she heard a familiar purring sound deep in the recesses of the attic. The next day at school promised to be another day of torment. Mary's first period was social studies which he shared with all of her least favourite classmates. But there was a surprise waiting for her when she arrived in class. For

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