Megan Thee Stallion op-ed calls for respecting Black women

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Meghan is down and voted piece for the New York Times and I thought it was amazing. It's called why I speak up for black women she said I'm not afraid of criticism and protect black women's should be controversy should not be controversial and she said in the weeks leading up to the election black women are expected once again to deliver victory for democratic. Candidates, we have gone from being unable to vote legally. To a highly courted black, all little more than a century despite this and despite the way so many have embraced messages about racial justice year black women are still considered constantly disrespected disregarded in. So many areas of life I was recently the victim of an act of violence by a man after a party I was shot twice as I walked away from him. We were not in a relationship truthfully, I was shocked that. I ended up in that place my initial silence about what happened was at a fair for myself and my friends even as a big de been met with scepticism and judgment the way people have publicly questioned and debated whether I played a role in my own violent assault. Proves it my fears about discussing what happened were unfortunately warranted. She said after a lot of self reflection on that incident, I realized the violence against. Women is not always connected to being in a relationship instead, it happens because too many men treat all women as objects which helps them to justify inflicting abuse against us when we choose to exercise our own free will here somewhere what Megan the stallion had to say, what does it mean to be a woman of color? She got to be strong because that's just expectations Lonzo but not too much because then she's conceded. Being his lady in. Is freaking sheets inheriting her grandma slow but. Twenty man, but now will have I. Constantly told the fees too much for not. Respecting the person. Constantly half an approved victims because society size with a man. Not being able to express what traumas because she can't show no weakness

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