Fox News on the Supreme Court Vice President Mike Pence in North Carolina Sunday night, speaking on the pending nomination of Judge Amy Cockney Barrett, So the Senate's going to cast a vote about this time tomorrow night. And after they discharged their duty to advise and consent. I'll make a prediction. Judge Amy Cockney Barrett will be justice Amy Barrett. We're gonna fill that See, the Senate voted to end a potential Democratic filibuster on the nomination Sunday. A full vote on Barrett's nomination is scheduled for Monday night. And during a campaign stop in Detroit, Michigan Sunday, Democratic vice presidential nominee Senator Kamala Harris spoke about voter suppression and claimed Republicans air trying to suppress voter turnout in certain areas that favor Democrats. They know when we vote. Things change. They know what we vote. We win. They know it. So let us not let anyone Ever take our power from us. Let us not let anyone ever convince us that we are on the sidelines and not in the game. We are in this game. Meanwhile come, campaign spokeswoman Thehe McDonald said. The president has been trying for months to stop what she described as last minute election rule changes, McDonald said the campaign wants every voter who convert in person to do so. And for those who can not to get their absentee ballot in early and President Trump is busy on the campaign trail today and preparation for the upcoming Election November 3rd. The president spent 90 minutes on the ground here in New Hampshire at this rally in Manchester at the airport, talking about a variety of things, kicking off some of those electoral votes. Those four votes in 2016 went to Hillary Clinton. The president does not want to repeat that fate. He wants to make sure that he wins this state. And as many states as possible. Fox's David Sponge America is listening to Fox News.

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