Retired Navy SEAL Jason Redman Shares His Journey on Rebuilding Trust & a Tarnished Reputation

Dose of Leadership


Jason Redmond Man What an honor to have you on the show. Welcome the dose of leadership. My honor to be here. Thanks for having me I love having seals on the show I. Think you're my fifth or sixth one and it's always circle. If. I look back at that that small circle become friends with. Almost all of them. And just connections that happens from meeting with you guys. It's always so fun to bring you on here. So I'm excited to have you here. And I know mark. Devine. brought us together rate in the off Yup, and so they unbeatable mind he beetle mind he's he made. He's great man he's been on twice and he's got a he's got a great spiritual quality to him. You know what I mean. He's like almost like a masters something you know. He so great. Will it Beginning of your sealed process, you became an win obviously. Does everybody have to go into seal's enlisted I. Thought I knew this but does it have to start out enlisted or can you go straight officer into seals like if you go to the academy can you yeah I? Guess you can right? Yeah that makes sense. Yep, absolutely. It's a lot harder. It's much more difficult to come straight an officer I mean because we there's about An actually there's more now than they were in the past, but about sixty slots a year for officers, just to get a slot to go to buds and the Naval Academy gets the bulk they get about thirty. So that leaves only about thirty slots across the country for direct mission. OC. OCS ROTC programs to pick up a slot. So it's it's very difficult to get one. Because it seems like it seems like if I was going to do that at the seals was my calling I'd probably do it the way you did it. Even if I knew I wanted to be an officer. Did you know you wanted be Nassir like in the mid nineties or does that something that kind of presented itself as you were in? It presented itself while I was in. It was a really my you know I wanted to straight in and the interesting thing is it's like you talk about I, encourage young men out there if they. If they WANNA, be a seal. Even if they WANNA, be a seal officer later unless their heart is just set on being a seal officer right up Thron, I highly recommended them get your degree and then enlists and you'll learn so much more. Don't give you a whole lot more options and opportunities, and you can always we'd like to we like to. From Within for Austin core, we like the fleet off our enlisted. So I think it would make you a better officer in that in that type of unit and that small unit leadership I would want that experience coming in as an enlisted seal if it was me. That's how I would approach it. Yeah I think it would make a better officer me maybe I'm just being biased that way but I just think no yeah, ninety percent of the time. Absolutely. Yeah. So when you went in, what was the desire? WAS IT Will you went to the Navy intelligence I write? You weren't you didn't go straight. Did you know you wanted to be a seal when you're in intelligence or is that just something that you jumped into it? True thousands late nineteen, ninety there wasn't. There wasn't a seal rate. Now we actually have she'll enlisted designator. So when young men go into the shield team jazz as listed seal, they're going straight into a pipeline they go to a bootcamp company for seals Prep Course for seals, and then they go to seal training. When I went in and all the way up until that changed in the late nineties early, two thousands you had to get a regular navy job. I saw they sent you to the regular navy school in a school. You know some people will recognize it as a navy. We call it in any see in army and the marine. Corps. It's Mo- ass. But you get that code go to that school, and then you apply to go to she'll train and so I went to the intelligence school in Virginia before I went, she'll try.

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