Pope names 13 new cardinals, includes first Black US prelate


Day in Italy, where more than 21,000 new Corona virus infections were reported as a way to curb the spread. An overnight curfew is in effect, cafes and restaurants will have to close by six PM and movie theatres, gyms and pools are shutting down. Also in Italy, Pope Francis names 13 new cardinals, including the first black cardinal from the U. S. Pope Francis naming 13 new cardinals, among them. Washington D C Archbishop Wilton Gregory, who would become the first black US prelate to earn the coveted red cap, the pontiff, making the surprise announcement Sunday from his studio Window. Two faithful standing below in Vatican City is ST Peter's square. Other new cardinals include an Italian who's the longtime people preacher of the Vatican and a churchman from Rwanda. A ceremony for the new cardinals is set for November. 28th. Paul Stevens.

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