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Donald. Trump's foreign policy is all too often met with derision or simply chairmanship? Isn't it? The critics Maki's diplomacy and they pan the choice of son-in-law Jared Kushner as a Middle East envoy. However just dies away from the US presidential election. Trump has had a few certifiable victories to put in his closing advertising pitch to the American people. I'm of course referring to the peace deals between Israel and Bahrain the United Arab Emirates and Sudan these have been brokered by the trump administration well to tell us more about the significance of these Abraham. Cords. For the Prophet of Jews, Christians and Muslims alike. Let's tune to Greg. Sheridan, he's foreign editor of the Australian Gregg welcome back to the show. Glad to be with your. Greg, your assessment of trump foreign policy generally. Well I think. The media has done generally around the world agree poor job on analyzing trump because themselves have become. So polarized there the all against trump or a small minority of the mural for trump whereas I trump has had some wins and some losses. stylistically he's been very unorthodox and at times on counterproductive but you can look back inside that what trump has been a bath is being creating leverage. The United States in K. relationships is put tariffs on China, and that gives him something to negotiate with Jonah He's put sanctions on Iran that. Gives him something that Iran wants to get rid of an in every relationship? He's got leverage for the United States. Now I think he's done a lot of specific things that have actually been quite good. You can certainly criticize the way he talks about alliances, but it these actions rather than his words quite a lot of the things he's done have been very successful especially in Asia and the Middle East is increased the US military budget more than any other president and American allies. Niger very happy about that the allies in Asia. Have Been Critical of China and most inclined to stand up against Jonah namely Japan India Vietnam Singapore Australia a couple of Damon our full hours course I very good relationship with trump role. Bilaterally, a lot of his relationships been very successful India and Australia. His administration has built the quotes the quadrilateral security dialogue. He has recognized the nature of the Chinese threat to the international system and do American interests better than any other president. Andy's moved the debate along at the same time. There's been a lot of chaos in his administration, the White folks terrible but I think he's had some real wins and I think he's done very well in the Middle East. Okay. We're talking about the Middle East You have argued in the astride newspapers I amount to a major step forward in the pace there why these Arab states altering their relations with Israel is it because of the mutual fee of Iran or is it because the US has leaned on the Motley? Well it's by the size I think Tom plus some other factors as well, but you've just got to pause. And model at the size of trump's achievement in and. To even out of these words, probably you know get you sort of condemned by all international relax plots society at. A. O. Over knocks the of international relations would would excommunicate you for saying it. But you know Israel has five peace treaties with Arab nations. Three of them have come under Donald Trump. He has said we back Israel one hundred percent is move the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem tremendous symbolic sign of his commitment to Israel. But he has said we all sat back the security of the Gulf Arab states and are opposed to Iran and we kind to put sanctions on it. We think the nuclear deal when far enough now, the Gulf Arab states all agree with trump about Iran. But also items cells to some extent lost interest in the Palestinian cause. They're certainly not going to allow Palestinian view of Israel to be a roadblock. Now, they say Israel is a very good security Patna and they are encouraged by the US administration to might place with Israel if you just change in your ABC's ready national with me Tom Switzer my guest is Greg Sheridan foreign editor of the Australian. Now Greg you've been one of Australia's leading defenders of Middle East policy for decades. Trump came to power on an America I strategic. He's goal a piece to be to reduce significantly America's military role in the Middle East. We just talked about this grand aimed Iranian coalition that can contain tyron wants the Americans have gone given that America is now energy independent moralists isn't this retrenchment from the middle. East if trump is reelected, isn't that a good thing? Well. I think. It's makes Grill Tom. I think it is probably a good thing. The thing tonight is about trump is that on the whole he has implemented a lot of his foreign policy promises. If you put trump's record on the Middle East, all together it's pretty impressive. The US defeated Isis and he's decided that the Iranian. Nuclear deal is a very bad deal. I agree with him about that because it recognizes the legitimacy of Iran's nuclear industry allows enrichment of uranium a whole lot of other things and then allows in a very short period of time I'm sales to rent said trump said that's completely unacceptable. He wants a new and much better they'll, and in the meantime he's applying sanctions to Iran. has significantly diminished Iran's ability to cause mayhem in the region but that brings me to the point about what happens if Joe Biden is elected knicks wiggle the polls. Many of the pundits the betty markets point to a Democratic victory next week if a bottom administration comes to POW, Greg dozen that increase the chances of everything you've just been saying being wound back, I? Mean wouldn't Baden for example. Revert to the Obama nuclear deal with Iran. Well Eight. That's what he says he'll do allow. Kind of the problem. So the final point from the past there is that trump is not engaged in any new military adventures whereas even Bama engaged in the regime change in Libya which had absolutely eleven offers consequences now, Baden. It's very unclear. What kind of Administration Baden will provide his advisors at the moment seemed to be dominated by retreads from the second, I. Bob. Administration Susan Rice and Ben Rides. But then his party has moved along why for an elect- with Anastazia. Cortes and Bernie Sanders and the influence of the crew he says he's going to make climate change the center of all of his foreign policy I think. He may repeat a mistake of trump's, which is simply to try to undo everything his predecessor is done whereas trump has left Baden assuming button does win trump was left on a lot of leverage tramples. Authorized the elimination of the commander of the Iranian could force SOMAINI and. The, Iranians, like everyone else are scared of trump and they're. Constrained by not knowing what he's going to do even though he hasn't done any major military intervention, I don't think I've boughten will WANNA put more troops back into the Middle East or anything like that. The story of the last ten or twelve years really has been Americans will will say trying to get out of the Middle East and finding it very, very difficult to do so but Baden would be. Tremendously mistaken if he didn't try to capitalize on the successes, trump might I certainly don't think he's GonNa WanNa Talk Sudan or by Ryan will will the United Arab Emirates? Out of normalization with Israel, but will is administration base smart enough to keep it going with other Gulf states in trump was saying the other day that he thinks Saudi. Arabia can might place. With Israel, we'll that would been shattering. That would be I don't tectonic shift in the Middle East and Baden if he's smart or his administration as. Will keep going down that road and then God bless them. They can get all the accolades for forever success they won't themselves. But if they get back to the Paragon the John Kerry paradigm, you've gotTa somehow miraculously solve the Palestinian problem before we can do anything else Well, I think it could be much less effective than trump.

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