Berlin Model Y Timeline, TSLA Stock, Consumer Reports Autopilot Ranking


Everybody robbing our here and today we're going to start off talking about about Tesla stock obviously a tough day for the markets. Today, we have some news on Mata. Why from gigabytes win an update from consumer reports on self driving technology and some news on the Fiat Chrysler Tesla credit situation. So Tesla's stock today was down four point four percent to four hundred and six dollars two cents compared to the Nasdaq down three point seven percent. So I think most of that move tesla was macro driven the S. and P. Five hundred and the Dow Jones Index had their worst days since. June I don't think volatility should be expected. Of course, we're heading into the US federal election next that's on Tuesday and a lot of places. Today are attributing the down market to a continued rise in covid nineteen cases, and in some locations that is causing restrictions that had previously been relaxed to be put back in place. So for example, I'm pretty close to Chicago. We heard today or yesterday that they are closing down indoor dining, and as we head into winter, obviously outdoor dining can be a little bit less appealing. So that can have even bigger economic impact than it would have during. The summer months for example and places like Colorado there at restrictions, doing things like closing down gyms. So we're seeing this all happen at the same time as the election approaches we haven't heard much on another round of stimulus or other. We have heard a lot about it, but we're not seeing any action there yet, and all that seems to be weighing on the stock. But at least at this point in time I don't see a whole lot of fundamental impact for Tesla. I'd be really surprised if had to end up shutting factory again I think eons comments and actions last time. That happened would make it difficult move politically to do that, but it's also not outside the realm of Boston. So we'll keep an eye on things as they develop. All right next up here we've got a story from Tusla Roddy, and before we even get into this unrest GonNa, add a huge preface that this report is just based on one person's interaction with one tesla employees. So a Lotta Times, information like this can just be completely inaccurate, but we're also here just trying find any little tidbit of information that we can. So I do think we're talking about. So test the ratty got. A message from a reservation holder for a model. Y. In the Netherlands and this person told Tesla Rati quote this morning. I got a call from Tesla in the Netherlands with some questions on my order. In that conversation, the Tesla employee told me that they expected deliver my Berlin build model y in q one or q two of twenty, twenty one they had just received an internal update on the billing process and Berlin and quote. So if we again go back to you this nice little timeline that was put together by Toby lend on twitter, we can see that four. Giga Shanghai. It took about five months ago from the first walls being constructed to the first body and and then a little bit over three months after that for first deliveries if Berlin can stay on the same schedule which so far it's actually been a little bit ahead of schedule from what the timeline was for. Shanghai could be looking at the first body and white sometime in January, and then maybe first deliveries sometime around April or may even March, and again that's based on Shanghai and there does seem to right now at least be a possibility of Berlin dragging even faster the other recent information. We got here was from the earnings call when dramatically no. When asked about the use of the pilot for forty six eighty cells and Fremont said quote we can use our pilot production facility in Fremont to support the new factory and Berlin as it ramps and quote. So within twelve months Tesla. Hopes to get that pilot lion to ten gigawatt hours of annual battery production that's a hundred and thirty three, thousand, seventy, five, kilowatt hour packs, and while it's not going to media, we hit that rate it shouldn't be too long from now where the output is you know maybe thousand or two. Thousand packs per month that would seem to hopefully track nicely along with the model why ramp up in Berlin. So again, on book this, saying take this with a grain of salt but to me, this does seem like a pretty plausible timeline q one or to, and this is obviously going to be even more interesting than normal vehicle ramp up would be because of the new technology tesla will be using in the Monowai. From Berlin I think we're all incredibly curious to see what the specs on that vehicle are give thing just while we're on the topic of motto that I want to. Motto I production is just about to explode. Next year I mean think about Tesla said in the ten Q, they're trying to ramp model white production not only in Shanghai not only Berlin but also in Texas in addition to having production of the why in Fremont came out on production on model y over the next two years is going to be incredible and prices are gonNA, come way down on that vehicle as production volume and look Liz ation increase. All right. Let's move onto the next topic here. This is from consumer reports. This got a lot of media attention. Today we're not gonNA spend on the time on it, but consumer reports today came out with their rankings for driver assistance systems, testing such systems from seventeen different automakers, and they actually have Cadillac supercrew coming out on top with a score of sixty nine and Tesla autopilot coming in second with a score of fifty seven. So of course, a lot of attention on this. But as I emphasized in the beginning, this is consumer reports testing for driver assistance systems.

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