Ep. 68 - Dave Hull R.I.P., Tigers in Vegas & Mask Fashion - burst 04


Where we did the film help. We were in the Bahamas. That was nineteen, sixty five, and Dave came out to be with us. Man. It was nice because now he's a good familiar face, right? If you didn't like him do you have these of a pair of? Used very attached to them. Unfortunately they were right in there were expensive gold or something expense on glasses and he needed him anyways in the Bahamas right. George Oh glasses. Now George. But we'll could they do? Hey let him have them have a fight with George? Harrison of the Beatles something my goodness. I you know I bet if If things were different George would certainly handed back but. Here poor. Dave is in the Bahamas. Jets over it I mean he really was. African and his wife Janette Cod. Together since the beginning of read his book. It's a very long book, but it's fascinating and you guys are a good read. Yeah. You guys are all over the place because. Everyone but Dave climbed the ladder. Oh Yeah. Bro Pioneered a lot of ground. Yeah. He sure did you know as a jockey? In Texas? E worked in what I think. New Mexico in the middle of nowhere. It's all over the place because that's what

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