Erdogan calls on Turks to boycott French products


Talks president recipe type Erdogan has called for a boycott on French goods as tensions between the two countries rise after President Emmanuel macron called for a French Islam. This follows the beheading of teacher in France after he showed his class caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad published by the Satirical magazine. Charlie. Ever. Let's cross to Istanbul to join the journalist I login Yuck. Leeann also on the line is Philip Malia professor of French and European politics at University College London. Island let's start with you. Why is Turkey so upset? Well the magazine this week published a cover that depicts a caricature of president are due on and suggesting that he's a bit hypocritical about his religious beliefs. He's drinking a can of beer and he's lifting. The skirt of an Islamic garb. So that is Let us set off a firestorm among our close circle They're accusing them accusing the magazine of insulting and have actually sued the magazine for libel. It is a crime in Turkey publishable a punishable by up to four years in prison to insult the president. So that has been the latest twist. In this in the spat, but they've also putting a ban on French goods. That's correct that stems from President Macron's a recent pledges to. Ensure. That Islam does not affect the French way of life and French values describe that as a relaunch of the Crusades an attempt to Spread like cancer the Islamic phobia that already exists in Europe according to Don So there, but the dispute doesn't just start there between Turkey and France on they are at odds over a number of issues including the war in Libya and including the search for hydrocarbons in the eastern Mediterranean as well as the conflict in Nagorno-karabakh. Absolutely, and we'll come back to those in a moment. I just want to bring Felipe here to talk about what my chronic said. I mean he's saying that he's been misquoted. Yes I think that that's what he says and to to be fair in this Ongoing Saga Domestic Saga in France that is around the shaggy bill cartoons the latest of course, the latest terrorist attacked a couple of weeks ago. This teacher who was beheaded in France by terrorists the the trial shall you do are all taking place as we speak, but there's a lot of things going on and to be fair my call has always been has has never been the hotline in this. In this debate about the cartoons is a bit more of a solo rather than. So in a sense, it's been unsound aim to be to be branded suddenly the most Islamophobic person in fraud I don't think used to be fair but the issues for sure it's been misquoted in a sense i. think he said, yes that they were issues with Islam. which probably was a rather undiplomatic way of putting things to wealth stage. I think he's presented essentially the new bill on socal separatism, which is quite controversial in France and probably. Is, yes implicitly targets in the Muslim population in France but it's true that if French I'll probably surprised how at ten suddenly the sued relationships and and how the sort of tension has related between the two countries of late. To. Be Fair that the two men have been at loggerheads for a long time so it seems on the train side. For advil hand, it's almost protects the those at the story of the call tunes because inside the being as your guests. Until you have just said, there's been real geopolitical issues and disputes between the two countries for one now. Yes. Well, I wonder how much of this also has to do with Turkey's domestic politics I mean we know that there's a huge economic crisis is this a diversionary tactic? It certainly helps distract people from the issues surrounding the economy and our one has been accused of using any number of foreign problems to distract his voters This in particular might resonate because the fact that it's religion and this is something that people hold. So close to their hearts on think that people are filing necessarily know every twist and turn. Of the issue. But when they hear of Charlie Hebdo, the satirical magazine, they might recall the images of the Prophet that the magazine published previously and that. Sir. Association. So when are two one talks about insulting Islam that's what comes to mind. Not The fact that published an image of political leader on the cover and so if bob he does have an impact. You know anything to get people's minds off of the fact that the jobless rate is soaring. The currency in Turkey has lost about forty percent of value this year against the dollar There's real economic pain here. So the certainly can help can help change the debate now.

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