NYC Businesses Start Boarding Up In Anticipation Of Election Unrest: ‘Better Safe Than Sorry’


The city are boarding up their windows as they they prepare prepare for for potential potential demonstrations demonstrations in in response response to to Election Election Day Day results. results. WCBS WCBS reporter reporter Bartel Bartel Diamond Diamond is is outside outside one one of of those those businesses, businesses, Saks Saks Fifth Fifth Avenue Avenue and and she she joins joins us us live, live, Marlon. Marlon. Steve, Steve, it it is is is is an an odd, odd, but but it it is is a a familiar familiar sight. sight. The The upper upper floors floors of of sacks sacks have have already already been been decked decked out out with with holiday holiday lights and icicles for the annual light show. But at sidewalk level they are prepared for unrest Following election Day, A crew spent hours overnight boarding up Windows Saxes among many retailers in the city, not taking any chances. There may or may not be unrest after Tuesday. But Kathryn Wylde, president of the Partnership for New York City, says businesses are rightfully concerned employer there not only worried about their property and good Being damaged than the one they are worried about their employees being so all of this, it's glowing. New York is recovery, which is very slow at best, Wild says. As of mid October, just 10% of office workers are back in the office in Manhattan, Manhattan, she she says. says. If If there there is is more more violence violence and and another another Covic Covic shutdown, shutdown, we're we're facing facing a a very very bleak bleak winter winter reporting reporting live live from from Midtown Midtown Marla Diamond. WCBS news radio 80 Marla. Thank you,

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