There are lots and lots of positives to take away from the election. The statistic that stood out to me and this


Performed in so many demographic categories, and people are just dismissing that there's no talk about there's no talk about how many women the GOP added to the house, for example. But the president over performed with African Americans, Hispanics, Asian Americans, The president won Florida because of Cubans and Puerto Ricans put him over the top. He won counties in Texas that he should have never won that are on the Mexican border. So I mean, this is there are lots and lots of positives to take away from the election. The statistic that stood out to me and this will be one of the great takeaways of the Trump presidency. Is this something like 18% of African American men voted for Donald Trump? Wow, That's almost one in five. Then Mathai just do our amazing, beautiful and amazing, but it gives the Republican Party for the first time in at least three generations. An opportunity to actively court the African American vote, and Tony made a great point on his show this morning, and he said it before. That this is the first generation of African Americans that have a high across the board, right? Obviously, there've been African Americans who have created who have had great wealth over the years, But across the board or African Americans are charting their own destiny. There are crewing great wealth there owning their own businesses like never before. I had a lot of people are looking around going. Does the Democrat Party really respect that remote? That and want that? And Donald Trump has opened a lot of eyes and given the Republican Party an opportunity to speak to these people to listen to these people and now give them an opportunity to give the Republicans and an opportunity. To have a new set of voters like never before, And that's why I mean I still do. Hold out hope that these states that still haven't made their calls that somehow Trump will be ableto pull it out, because can you imagine it with four more years? How much bigger that coalition that he's already been building can get. You know, I mean, my friend was right, like there's a lot of positives to take away from this, and I'm hoping that everybody goes to chicks on the right dot com and and reads his entire piece because it's really, really, really good. Next. I want Teo, like, turn on some fun. We've got some just ridiculous stories that we need to share with people because we haven't Everything's been so heavy, and we need to talk about things that aren't quite as heavy. Can we do that course. OK,

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