U.S. stocks close sharply higher as markets look beyond Election Day


This election that is going down to the wire with Joe Biden looking like he may be just about ready to pick up that that victory. Or ring that victory bell. I guess I'm trying to say Doug is really affecting the markets. I wanna get right back to you to talk about stocks today and we're seeing now is this carries over to Asia right? And the fact that this blue wave that everybody was talking about last week failed to materialize, and it looks as though it least at this point that we're going to get A Democrat, Republican controlled Senate. And if you're right, Kathleen, and at this point, you're probably close to being right. If you look at what the data is saying so far on a Biden presidency It yields divided government right and that's a good scenario for the market is one thing that it does. It's reduces the chance that we're going to get any rollback in corporate taxes. At the same time, it kind of reduces the bet for a massive stimulus program. And if you're a fiscal hawk, this is good for you. And if you're the bond market than you have to take out that reflation trade, which is what we saw today, the yield on the 10 year falling 12 basis points and if you go back to, I think where we were in the last 24 hours on the 10 year. A 20 basis point moved from the high to the low. That's like the Fed cutting rates by a quarter point nearly right now in the Tokyo session where it's 75 basis points, we had a rally in US equities today, the S and P up 2.2%. Let's pivot to Asia very quickly. The Nikkei higher by 1%. Right now, we are also seeing much stronger. Japanese CNET 10 for 30 against the dollar The G bone bank Japan, October Services. PM I above the number that we saw in September. The current reading 47.7 and you look at the composite PM I also up from the September reading. The current reading at 48 W T I crude oil showing some weakness here at 38 70. So Kathleen, There is a lot going on my favorite

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