Judge rejects Trump campaign request for access to Philadelphia voter offices


Against the Trump campaign. Denying a request to put poll watchers in the city's new satellite election offices are City Hall Bureau chief Pat Lobe reports. The judge agreed with the city. The offices are not polling places. Judge Gary Glaser says the offices don't fit either the time or geographic limitations for polling places in the state election code that is on election day in and for a specific voting district. Nor, he says, are the functions of polling places performed there. No opening, counting or Courting of ballots. Bess, he says allowing Paul watchers were state law makes no provision for them would be the worst sort of judicial activism usurping the legislative function. The ruling is a victory for the city commissioners, who opened the offices to ease getting in returning mail in ballots in light of their unexpected popularity due to the cove it 19 pandemic and to reassure voters in light of the president's repeated attacks on male and voting. The commissioners are allowing Onley voters conducting business inside the offices. They say they're pleased with the decision and we'll welcome poll watchers on Election Day. In the meantime, Judge Glaser recommended the Trump campaign except the commissioner's offer to tour the offices. But not to linger. Pat Lobe K Y W News radio. So what poll

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