A highlight from Follow your Passion to Find your Voice w/Mike Armstrong


The virtual stage your host. Brian s arnold. We are back with another episode. The thirty project. I am brian. Arnold in you are the project we want to attach authority to your name so you can sell more of what you're great at and we are blessed to have mr mike armstrong here on the virtual stage to help you do just that how to follow your passion to find your voice. We got a lot to unpack here so get ready and enjoy the ride How you doing mike. Wholesome a great day as i do every day rarely because i'm following my passion. I found my voice awesome. I love it. I love it so before we dive in for dive into. We've got a lot to talk about dive in. Please tell on the audience year who you are personally and professionally okay. Well personally i. I'm a son. I'm a brother. I got a brother two sisters. I'm a great human being somebody who is a massive relationship buildup on sunday. Live life to the max. Allan life the no regrets and have as much fun as Along the entrusted journey than that we all find ourselves on. I love it. that's awesome. I love that man so tell us what your current product working on at the moment so amazon professionally. I'm a- sales marketing consultant traina service provider. I'm a salesman so global. Networker sales mocked interactive for networking events. Company evolved castor a youtube buzz. Social media influence tiktok or somebody who works all the hours under the sun. Because i don't see as go line By ballots are seen as if you work. If you do something you enjoy for your wake as just and really awesome. I love that. So let's talk about passion i now. It's a big debate. You know about going going which. You're passionate steve. Go at your passion if that really works right so because it's been kinda put out there that every passion is not profitable or is it. You let me know what is it about fong. Passion that you think should be the right step forward for anybody going through trying to live a type of entrepreneurial style of life while basically life is to say as as the song says like his rollercoaster. You know there's nobody can get through life without you know some ups and downs and if you're though in through life and your house some struggles from time to time and unless you're actually doing something you really believe in any really passionate and you're gonna get knocked off course and did you know you may not on course again while people doing because an all flash while they do day in day out is they have. Some hurdles can be financial can be knowledge education. Could be you know Symbolic speed whatever how something knocks him are false. And they ended stay in that people know is the rat race is saying they come from so the rest of their lives and they miss out on all of the things they could have been all of the things or the opportunities had over those things out because in the fact that something happened in their lives because they were in following their passion something not moss but they need to a bad place on all people come from got it so this this this talk about the scenario when we have our passionate we have our passion right harvey now follow it. So that makes an impact so we can eventually have a lifetime lifestyle living like most people you see out there doing or or dreaming of doing rather. Do you make a living out of doing out of doing that. Why why is it important to find our voice like you're saying yeah well we'll also about it. You can't find a living and make every single passionate of the world but not some people have lots of passions and you've got to find the right passion within new you can also make a living from and you can help people with mattingly you know. We all complex human beings and we all have multiple passions. And so it's not about you know. Oh yeah I like italy wigs. Tim professional wherever you know. It's about finding a whole your passions. Which is the one that really fanta. If you really loads new ready to come good Which is the thing you have to do forever. Maybe teach other people how to do and to become a master. Become a leader in you. Know to let Most people these days they want everything to quick think today all even asked today and that's not realistic. If you actually really pick one of your skillset one of the things you love to down tools

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